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You Can Now Buy Your Guinea Pig a Faux Leather Couch From This Celebrity Pet Line

Designers Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent have a new "small pets collection."

Cat "houses," dog "beds"—furniture for our four-legged friends is nothing new in the world of pets. But you've probably yet to come by a faux leather sofa for guinea pigs or a sleek, modern water bowl for reptiles. That's where a new celebrity-designed "small pets collection" comes in. Created by designers Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent for PetSmart, the line "includes accessories and decor for small animals, reptiles and aquatic life, as well as statement furniture pieces," according to a press statement. Read on to get a look at these stylish pieces and learn about the designers' inspirations.

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Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent aren't new to designing.

Courtesy of PetSmart

Nate Berkus rose to fame as a frequent guest, design guru, and pal to Oprah Winfrey. His subsequent TV talk show featured makeovers and culture and design advice. Berkus has since designed several home goods collections for Target.

He also teamed up with his husband Jeremiah Brent to co-host the TLC series Nate & Jeremiah by Design. The pair have numerous design books and TV commercials on their resume, and you may recognize them from the many media profiles–including a feature in Architectural Digest–showcasing their revolving collection of beautifully-designed homes that serve as testaments to their wizardry.

But they are new to designing for pets.

Small Animal Faux Leather Couch. Courtesy of PetSmart.

For their newest partnership, the couple is thinking small. With pieces starting at $5.99, the Nate & Jeremiah for PetSmart Collection introduces small pet furnishings, toys, and accessories that will elevate your pets' personal space and your home decor.

You'll find good-looking goodies for little critters, reptiles, and fish, as well as statement furniture pieces for any creature smaller than a breadbox. Among the items are a faux leather sofa for hamsters and guinea pigs, a hidey house for reptiles, and decorative fish digs, all with the Berkus and Brent stamp of au courant approval.

Describing the new collection, Brent said in a statement, "We loved the challenge of bringing spaces and atmospheres to life that not only feel rich with personality but can also be worked into a variety of styles. The idea was to create furniture and accessories that are contemporary but also timeless—items that tell the story of the people and pets who live there."

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Small pets need stuff, too.

Pumice and Wood Chew. Courtesy of PetSmart.

In a world filled with endless choices of cat condos and dog bowls, it's not easy to find gear to keep our littlest companions cozy. But bunnies, hamsters, rats, and lizards need beds, hidey-huts, and stimulating toys as much as their canine and feline counterparts. Small pet parents often turned to Etsy or DIY solutions to kit out homes and play spaces, but now their local PetSmart is an option.

The new design-forward collection includes chews that are necessary to keep rodents' teeth at a proper length—except these particular chews resemble modern sculptures. And cozy couches in faux leather and shearling fabric make comfy nesting spots that your human guests might even covet for their own living rooms.

And it doesn't have to be cheap-looking.

Reptile/Aquatic Hideaway. Courtesy of PetSmart.

While pet parents have always indulged their charges, it's often at the expense of aesthetics. Cardboard boxes and plastic bins have long been the pet store standard, even in the middle of our chicest living rooms. Berkus and Brent have provided a way to create spaces where our pets and our good taste in interiors can live comfortably together.

The designers looked for inspiration in everything from Roman sculpture to mid-century modern lines, incorporating natural and organic materials and textures.

"Our design philosophy is rooted in making spaces feel warm and inviting. With this collection, our hope is that we've been able to give pets the same level of functionality and style as their pet parents," Berkus said in a statement.

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Here's what else you can find in the collection.

Small Animal White Sherpa Couch. Courtesy of PetSmart.

In addition to what's already been mentioned, here's some of what you'll find in the collection:

  • An assortment of stands—complete with storage space, cord management, and water-resistant finishes—that can be used for fish aquariums, reptile terrariums, or small pet habitats
  • Aquatic accessories and decor that suit different species of fish for swimming and hiding spaces, including decorative plants
  • Basking and relaxing accessories for bearded dragons, lizards, snakes, and other reptiles—including a wood tower and stone bask-and-hide—that reference the environments, colors, and textures of their natural habitats
  • Accessories for hamsters, guinea pigs, gerbils, and other small pets including a yurt for pet privacy, chic chews, and grass for foraging and mental stimulation

Once known as "exotics," small pets are getting more attention—and better accessories. Walmart even carries reptile and hamster hats and bow ties. If the designers have their way, your pets may soon need the cutest gear to keep up with the critters next door.

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