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These Are the 20 American States Where People Have the Most Free Time

Meet the United States of relaxation.

In today's day and age, striking a good work-life balance is harder than ever. Recent data indicates that 52 percent of Americans are still not using all of the vacation time they earn, which has disastrous effects on their mental and physical health. And another new study found that people in cities have a harder time enjoying their leisurely hours because they schedule them into a week packed with chores and errands.

Recently, the folks at Coleman Furniture used data from the Bureau Labor of Statistics and American Community Survey to determine the states in which residents have the most free time, based on the average amount of hours worked per week, the average time they spent commuting, and the percentage of available vacation time they used.

Overall, they found that people who live in states with less free time tend to love their jobs and have better communities, but, paradoxically, aren't doing as well financially and feel like their lives have less purpose. Their findings also indicate that the areas in which people work the most are also the ones in which people worry more about their jobs and paying the bills. States in which people had shorter commutes also had residents who enjoyed their jobs more, spent significantly lower portions of income on housing, had less unemployment, and experienced higher rates of community wellbeing.

The results of the study indicate that the states that enjoy the least free time were Mississippi, Texas, New Hampshire, Maryland, and Virginia. If you're feeling overworked, read on to find out which 20 states were found to provide people with the most opportunities for leisurely activities.


Camden, Maine Enchanting Hideaways in the U.S.

Maine got the top score for vacation days, which means people in this state really make use of the opportunity to indulge in the many benefits of travel.


Wisconsin Dells water park, travel

Mt. Olympus Water Park and Theme Park Resort features the world's longest coaster tunnel, making it a great, family fun leisure activity to enjoy with all that time off.


Prince William Sound Alaska Surreal Places in the U.S.

You might be surprised to learn that Alaska has one of the highest concentrations of millionaires in America, and they're all chillin' (pun intended).


Isle Royale National Park Michigan Magical Destinations

Making good use of their vacation time, along with maintaining short office hours, gives the people of Michigan plenty of opportunities to enjoy the state's natural splendor.


Bryce Canyon Utah Magical Destinations

Bryce Canyon, which features other-worldly spire-shaped rock formations called hoodoos, is a great place to visit in your time off, as well as one of the 50 Destinations So Magical You Won't Believe They're in the U.S.


geneva on the lake ohio

The state may not be synonymous with romance, but Cincinnati is actually one of The 20 Best Cities to Get Married in the U.S.


Indianapolis, drunkest cities, fattest cities, flip, rent, property, sleepless cities, best sports fans

You might be surprised to learn that Indianapolis is one of the 20 American Cities with the Most Unfaithful Husbands. Guess there is such a thing as too much time off…


iowa capitol

A short average commute makes it easy for people here to get home to their families.


Cannon Beach Oregon Magical Destinations

With the second-best score for work hours, people here have plenty of opportunities to enjoy the state's spectacular coastline and lush forests.


The Wave Arizona Surreal Places in the U.S.

"The Wave"—a sandstone rock formation that appears as fluid as the ocean—is a great place to visit in your spare time, as well as one of the 30 Places So Surreal You Won't Believe They're in the U.S.


Whitaker Point Arkansas Surreal Places in the U.S.

They make work long hours, but they also make great use of their vacation days.

North Dakota

The city of Mercer hosts a county fair every summer that pays tribute to the rough-and-tumble fun of the Wild West.


Minneapolis, happiest cities, drunkest cities, fittest cities, longest-living cities, healthiest cities, best singles scenes, house flip, rent, property, best sports fans

Being able to maintain normal work hours is probably one of the reasons Minneapolis is one of The 10 Cities Millennials Are Flocking To.



The state's annual Jubilee Hot Air Balloon festival is just one of the many family-friendly events you can enjoy in your time off.


vermont church

The relatively short office hours here give people plenty of time to enjoy the state's stunning fall foliage. 


Pittsburgh, drunkest cities, happiest cities, fittest cities, best singles scenes, sleepless cities, best sports fans

It's worth noting that Pittsburgh just happens to be one of The 100 Happiest Cities in America.

Rhode Island

Rhode Island State Jokes

Their commutes may be lengthy, but the residents of Rhode Island work some of the fewest hours of anyone on the list.


kansas city, missour

It may not even be on your radar, but Kansas City, Missouri, is actually one of The 50 Best Cities to Spend Your Golden Years.


Glacier National Park Montana Magical Destinations

Short commutes give residents plenty of time to enjoy all of the natural splendor the state has to offer after work.


Lanikai Beach Kailua Hawaii

With its relaxed vibe and perfect weather all-year-around, it's no wonder this state got the top spot in a ranking of the US States Where People Live the Longest.

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