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The Most Hated TV Couples of All Time

Everyone loves a good romance, but these TV pairings were hard to stomach.

There is nothing like a good romance—whether in real life or between two beloved characters on screen. Unfortunately, not all couplings are created equal, and some TV relationships have nearly ruined their series. For every Monica and Chandler, there's a Rachel and Joey. And for every Leslie and Ben, there's a Tom and Ann. While we spend a lot of time celebrating TV couples who stole our hearts, we thought it was time to look back at the romantic entanglements that quickly turned sour, or that viewers never wanted in the first place. These are the most hated TV couples of all time. And for more things that made us change the channel, check out The Most Hated TV Characters of All Time.

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George/Izzie (Grey's Anatomy)

george and izzie on grey's anatomy

Sometimes it's OK for best friends to just be best friends. It's a lesson TV writers forget time and time again, forcing pairings that work exceptionally well as platonic connections into something more. Frankly, there have been so many Grey's Anatomy relationships over the years that this one is barely a blip on the radar. And yet, ask any long-time fan about the series' worst couple, and this misguided plotline will surely spring to mind. And for more shows that feel like they've been on the air forever, check out The Longest-Running American TV Shows of All Time.

Ted/Robin (How I Met Your Mother)

ted and robin on how I met your mother
20th Television

How I Met Your Mother spent an awful lot of time convincing the audience that Ted and Robin weren't right for each other, and then more time convincing us that Robin and Barney were actually meant to be, only to scrap all of that and leave us with Ted and Robin as the endgame couple after all. If you want to make your viewers root for a couple, maybe try a different approach.

Rachel/Joey (Friends)

rachel and joey on friends
Warner Bros. Television Distribution

It's not like Rachel and Ross were the perfect couple either, but Rachel and Joey felt like the kind of pairing that happens when a show has been on the air for too long and the writers are running out of ideas. Needless to say, it didn't last long. And for more misguided Jennifer Aniston moments, discover The Worst Jennifer Aniston Movies of All Time, According to Critics.

Dany/Jon (Game of Thrones)

game of thrones series finale

Even if you could get past the ickiness of it all—she's his aunt—the Dany/Jon romance fell as flat as the rest of Game of Thrones' much maligned conclusion. Like all the other plot points shoved down viewers' throats, it was a means to an end rather than something that felt earned and organic. And for more shows that ended on the wrong note, revisit The Most Hated TV Finales of All Time.

Rory/Logan (Gilmore Girls)

rory and logan on gilmore girls
Warner Bros. Television Distribution

Argue all you want about whether Rory was better off with Dean or with Jess, but few Gilmore Girl fans will make a case for Rory and Logan. Sure, Matt Czuchry is charming, but the character never was, and these two found new ways to bring out the worst in each other.

Olivia/Fitz (Scandal)

fitz and olivia on scandal

When Scandal started, Olivia and Fitz were the couple. Watching these two get hot-and-heavy while also doing terrible things was classic Shonda Rhimes greatness. As the series went on, however, it became clear that they were both pretty awful, especially as a couple, making their dreams of a quiet life together somewhere sound more like a nightmare. And for more fun content delivered straight to your inbox, sign up for our daily newsletter.

Carrie/Aleksandr (Sex and the City)

carrie and aleksandr on sex and the city

Carrie was no walk in the park, but she certainly deserved better than some of the men she got saddled with. Aleksandr Petrovsky—otherwise known as "The Russian"—was clearly wrong for her, and the show never really tried to convince us otherwise. That didn't make it any less painful to watch her leave her friends and her city behind for him. And for more on one of Carrie's friends, find out why Kim Cattrall Says She Felt "Shame" After Quitting "Sex and the City."

Andy/Erin (The Office)

andy and erin on the office
NBCUniversal Television Distribution

Sorry, Andy and Erin, we've seen Jim and Pam and… you are no Jim and Pam. The Office's attempt to create another couple to swoon over was certainly admirable, but like many aspects of the show's later years, it just didn't have anywhere near the same appeal. And for some real-life people who have inspired their share of vitriol, revisit The Most Hated People in Reality TV History.

Dawson/Joey (Dawson's Creek)

dawson and joey on dawson's creek
Sony Pictures Television

Dawson's Creek gave us the ultimate teen drama love triangle—but Dawson and Joey just never had anywhere near the chemistry that Joey and Pacey did. Was anyone really disappointed or even surprised when she chose Joshua Jackson in the end?

Archie/Veronica (Riverdale)

archie and veronica on riverdale
The CW

Do Archie and Veronica have chemistry, or does Riverdale just trick us into thinking they do because they're constantly making out? Either way, fans have grown weary of this pairing. If Archie/Veronica really are meant to be together in the end, so be it. In the meantime, the series could do us a favor by forcing some time apart.

Willow/Kennedy (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

willow and kennedy on buffy the vampire slayer
20th Television

Kennedy was a brat, but that wasn't the real problem with this couple. Buffy the Vampire Slayer rushed to shove Willow into another relationship after audience backlash to the murder of her girlfriend Tara. Kennedy was a ham-fisted attempt to appease fans, and it backfired badly.

Tom/Ann (Parks and Recreation)

tom and ann on parks and recreation
NBCUniversal Television Distribution

What did Ann see in Tom exactly? OK, so she never did have the greatest taste in men, as evidenced by… well, everyone else she dated. There was something particularly strange about her finally agreeing to go out with Tom, however—not to mention the message it sent that Tom's relentless pursuit actually paid off. The fact that they then stayed together through multiple breakups was one of Parks and Recreation's biggest mistakes. And for the popular TV shows that not everyone loves, check out The Most Hated Popular TV Shows.

Dexter/Deb (Dexter)

dexter and debra on dexter

No, they never actually got together, but Debra crushing on Dexter was bad enough. They were raised as siblings! And yes, Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter were once married in real life, but that didn't make the kiss between them on the show—in a dream sequence, thankfully—any less awkward.

Aria/Ezra (Pretty Little Liars)

aria and ezra on pretty little liars

No matter how many seasons Pretty Little Liars spent trying to convince us that this student-teacher romance was kosher, there was no way to make this couple anything but completely inappropriate. The eventual reveal that Ezra knew how old Aria was when he met her—and had orchestrated the whole thing—just made it that much creepier.

Alex/Piper (Orange Is the New Black)

alex and piper on orange is the new black

Alex and Piper definitely have a fanbase, and if you're part of it, you might be outraged by their inclusion here. But the truth is, their toxic relationship dragged on far longer than it should have. And while both of them grew significantly when they were apart, the show insisted on ending with the possibility of their romantic future. Ah, well.

Dan/Serena (Gossip Girl)

serena and dan on gossip girl
The CW

Very few of the romantic entanglements on Gossip Girl made a whole lot of sense, aside from the fact that pretty people will gravitate toward one another. But forgiving and marrying the man who was secretly a vindictive blogger intent on screwing up your life? Absolutely not.

Fez/Jackie (That '70s Show)

jackie and fez on that '70s show
Carsey-Werner Distribution

Were Jackie and Fez really meant for each other? Of course not. But once Ashton Kutcher's Kelso left, the coupling just sort of happened, much to fans' dismay. There are certainly more egregious pairings on this list, but this is one of the more head-scratching entries. And for the actors you forgot took their relationships off screen, here are 15 Onscreen Couples You Totally Forgot Dated in Real Life.

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