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This High-Ranking Royal Is Meghan's Secret Ally in the Palace

And no, it's not the Queen.

This hasn't been an easy stretch for Meghan Markle. The notoriously snarky British tabloids have had a field day stirring up trouble citing numerous accounts of the duchess allegedly having problems getting along with staff and with Kate Middleton. When the news broke that she and Prince Harry would not be moving into Apartment 1A in Kensington Palace as had been expected, but decamping to Frogmore Cottage in Windsor instead, numerous reports of discord between "The Fab Four" were cited as the reason for the move. Unnamed sources also claimed there was a feud brewing between the sisters-in-law, which allegedly started when Meghan went into bridezilla mode during a fitting with Princess Charlotte leaving Kate "in tears."

The rumors of hard feelings between Meghan and Kate, as well as rumblings that the tension between the royal wives had caused a rift in Prince William and Harry's relationship, were becoming such a major distraction that the Palace, in an unprecedented move, issued a denial.

"It never happened," said a Palace spokesperson about the alleged incident at the bridal fitting.

"It was quite surprising for the Palace to dignify those stories with any comment at all," said my royal source. "The Palace's motto has always been 'never complain, never explain.'"

But, reveals the insider, "The thinking is Meghan has to be protected from these negative stories before they get out of hand. Harry issued a forceful statement to the press to back off back when he and the duchess were just dating. It's possible Harry put his foot down again."

But, says my source, another royal may have also been involved in the decision to publicly dismiss the stories of trouble within the ranks.

Now that Meghan has become a member of the Royal Family, she has found a champion in the Prince of Wales.

"Prince Charles is doing what he can to help Meghan adjust and is always checking to see how she's getting on. He may have agreed with Harry that something needed to be done. He thinks Meghan is the best thing that could have happened to Harry. He's grown very fond of her," revealed my source.

The Royal wedding was a major turning point in Meghan's relationship with her now father-in-law after Charles offered to walk Meghan down the aisle when Thomas Markle bowed out after it was revealed he had staged photos with the paparazzi. "Charles really felt for Meghan after the disastrous turn of events with her father," says the insider. "He was so impressed that she remained calm and composed in those days leading up to the wedding."

Charles reportedly gave his new daughter-in-law the nickname 'Tungsten,' (a rare, unbendable metal) for her strength under pressure.

According to published reports, Meghan, Harry, and Charles reportedly spent a great deal of time together over the summer in Scottish highlands having dinner, walking dogs and talking about the future. The duchess, says my source, won over her father-in-law with her willingness to embrace country life.

"Whether or not it was intentional, Meghan was very smart to cement her relationship with Charles early on," says the insider. "Having the future king in your corner is sure to prove very useful indeed."

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Diane Clehane is a New York-based journalist and author of Imagining Diana and Diana: The Secrets of Her Style.

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