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See Megan Fox Stun in New Lingerie Line—Photos

The actress and model recently added "brand ambassador" to her resume.

On May 16, Megan Fox turned 32 years old, though you'd never know it from the somehow-both-alabaster-and-bronze skin and Aphrodite-esque body that makes her look like she's still fresh out of college.

The prolific actress and model has been somewhat out of the public eye ever since she married actor Brian Austin Green in 2010, but she's been keeping busy as the brand ambassador of women's lingerie line Frederick's of Hollywood,which is now available for purchase at the clothing chain Forever 21.

She recently posted a few photos on her Instagram page in which she modeled some of looks from the Megan Fox Summer Collection, and they are a sight to see.

Boho vibes in the Megan Fox collection #FlauntFredericks

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Fox has been the brand ambassador for the line since 2016.

The pieces range from $29.50 to $44.50, so they're fairly affordable.

In a rare interview with E! News in February, Fox talked about how she and her husband manage to keep the fire alive with three kids running around the house.

"We try to make it to a movie once a week or have an adult lunch so that everything isn't always kid-centered," she said. "I try to make a rule let's not talk about the kids, but it's impossible."


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She also made it clear that she's a big fan of lingerie, regardless of whether or not there's a man around.

#happyholidays @fredericks_hollywood

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"I don't do anything for my partner. Everything I do is for myself," she said.

"I think the whole point of lingerie is to help you feel more confident in expressing who you are, it shouldn't be so much about parading around for someone else."

When asked how she manages to stay so fit, the 32-year-old said, "I eat organic all the time. I drink at least 100 ounces of water a day and I drink less than 8 ounces of coffee a day."

Clearly, this diet is working for her.


Looks like Rihanna's lingerie line, Savage X, might be in for a little competition!

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