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The "Masked Singer" Seahorse Is One of These Pop Stars, Fans Say

Her cover of "My Heart Will Go On" stunned judges and fans alike.

Another week, another big reveal on The Masked Singer—but what fans are really talking about is the final performance of the night. Sure, the Baby Alien was finally unmasked, and we found out that former NFL player Mark Sanchez had been hiding in there the whole time. But before that, the Seahorse gave a pretty unforgettable Masked Singer performance—and dropped a lot of new clues to help us figure out who she is.

On Wednesday night's episode, the Seahorse got on stage to perform an impressive rendition of Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On," which isn't exactly an easy song to take on. But the Seahorse sang it like a pro, proving that this is someone who really has vocal chops.

So, who is the Seahorse on The Masked Singer? Here's what we know about her so far, plus some top fan theories. And for more educated guesses, check out The Sun's Latest "Masked Singer" Performance May Have Given Her Away.

New clues were revealed about the Seahorse last night.

The Masked Singer Seahorse performing

The clues  we got about the Seahorse before her first performance were a bit vague: a cowboy hat, two dogs, and a white dove, just to name a few. But in this episode, they got more specific, with the Seahorse revealing that she's experienced "unimaginable loss and pain." Another hint? A broken heart with the words "a dream is a wish your heart makes" inside.

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The judges made their guesses.

Bebe Rexha

After her Celine performance, the judges had a few ideas about who the Seahorse might be, and they're sure that she's a singer. Bebe Rexha, Jessica Simpson, and Camila Cabello are all names thrown out by the judges. As it turns out, the internet seems to agree with at least one of those guesses, which doesn't happen often!

One strong theory is that the Seahorse is Jessica Simpson.

Jessica Simpson

Many viewers are convinced the Seahorse is Jessica Simpson. One clue in particular really stuck out to fans on Reddit: When she said she felt like the "chicken of the sea," it reminded people of Simpson right away, since she's famous for making that same comment on an early '00s episode of her reality show, Newlyweds. There are other clues that fit this theory, too: The Seahorse is from Texas, and the Childhood Clue is feathers, which could point to Simpson's daughter, Birdie.

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Others believe the Seahorse could be Tori Kelly.

Tori Kelly

Given that the Seahorse has considerable talent, it wouldn't be surprising if singer Tori Kelly was hiding behind that mask. One fan on Twitter even shared a video of Kelly singing "My Heart Will Go On," commenting on how similar it sounds to the Seahorse's version. Other viewers have linked the clues to Kelly, from the heartbreak of being rejected from American Idol to the flying clocks symbolizing a song she covered, "Time Flies."

Or could the Seahorse be Carrie Underwood?

Carrie Underwood
Debby Wong/Shutterstock

While there isn't a lot of analysis in the Masked Singer fandom about the clues and Carrie Underwood (except for the hint that the Seahorse could be a country singer), fans on Twitter think the vocals sound just like hers.

One thing's for certain: The Seahorse has to be a professional singer. She's got a strong chance of winning the whole thing, so keep those guesses coming.

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