Doing Your Makeup Like This Could Be Aging You, Experts Say

Avoid this makeup mistake for a fresh-faced look.

Let's face it: Putting on makeup is one of the best parts of the day. Not only is it a soothing self-care experience, but it also allows you to play up your features and express your creativity. But beware, whether you're in your twenties or are enjoying retirement, the wrong makeup techniques can actually make you look older.

Of course, that's the opposite effect many of us are going for, which is why we tapped top makeup artists to learn the makeup mistakes that can age you. Read on for the most common response, as well as the changes you can implement to reverse the clock.

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Applying makeup to dry skin can make you look older.

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The top aging makeup mistake doesn't have anything to do with makeup at all. Instead, it has to do with your base. "When makeup rests on dry skin and facial features, the skin absorbs it as though it is a skincare product," says professional makeup artist Mary Winkenwerder. This "produces uneven color and does not present a healthy statement."

To avoid this, Winkenwerder recommends moisturizing daily according to your skin's needs. "If the skin is very dry, start the night before," she says. "A night routine for dry skin may include toner followed by a cream or gel moisturizer." A rich oil on top will seal the deal and ensure you wake up ready to apply a glowing face of makeup.

Using too much foundation is another major makeup mistake.

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We've all heard the phrase less is more. Turns out, that applies to makeup, too. "One of the most common makeup mistakes that makes people look older is using too much foundation," says Laura Roncagli, a professional makeup artist and co-founder of "Foundation can make your skin look cakey and can settle into wrinkles, making them more obvious."

Thankfully, avoiding this is simple. Roncagli suggests using a light- or medium-coverage foundation and applying it with a brush or sponge. Don't have those products on hand? Add a dollop of moisturizer to your usual foundation. This will create a lightweight, blendable consistency that will melt into the skin without emphasizing texture.

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Choosing the right shade of lipstick is even more important as you get older.

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While using the right foundation is key, what goes with it is equally important—and we're firm believers that a touch of lipstick can fix everything. However, as you get older, you'll want to consider an exact hue. "It's important to not only look at how it interacts with your skin tone but also with the color of your teeth," says professional makeup artist Mandie Brice. "Certain shades that are yellow- or red-based without any blue or purple tint can make teeth look more yellow, which is a sign of aging."

Getting this one right could require some trial and error. We recommend hitting up your local beauty counter to try things on in person and get advice from the pros.

Applying harsh colors to the eye area could also be aging you.

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Like lipstick, your eye makeup can make you look older if you choose the wrong shade(s). Smoky eyes, for instance, are chic, but they can also have an aging effect. "Using color cosmetics that are either dark or very bold can accentuate lines," says Brice. "If you can live without expressing yourself through bold or bright colors, it may help you look younger." She also notes that glitter eyeshadows can similarly emphasize lines

Instead, use this as an opportunity to brighten things up. Invest in a neutral eyeshadow palette you love and start experimenting with new looks. Embracing this new phase of your beauty journey will help you—and your face—feel fresh and rejuvenated.

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