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President Biden Just Revealed the Truth About the Incident With His Dog

POTUS has some new insight into what really happened with Major at the White House.

Earlier this month, the first dogs, Champ and Major Biden, made headlines when they were sent back to Delaware for a bit following reports that the younger of the two, Major, had an alleged "biting incident." However, President Joe Biden recently explained what actually happened at the White House and says there was no biting involved. To see what Biden had to say about the incident with Major, read on. And to see where the first dogs aren't allowed at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, check out, This Is the One Place in the White House the First Dogs Aren't Allowed.

Biden clarified what happened with Major.

Major Biden

On March 17, during an interview with ABC News, George Stephanopoulos asked the president, "Is Major out of the dog house?" Stephanopoulos was referring to the reports that Major had bitten someone at the White House and then was sent home to Delaware. Biden laughed at Stephanopoulos' phrasing of the question and then went on to clear up any confusion about the matter.

"Major did not bite someone and penetrate the skin," said Biden. "You turn a corner, and there are two people you don't know at all. And they move—and he moves to protect. But he's a sweet dog."

The Bidens didn't send the dog home due to the incident.

Major Biden

Although the reported incident seemed linked to the dogs going back to Delaware due to the timing, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki confirmed this wasn't the case earlier this month. "It had been previously planned already for the dogs to be cared for by family friends in Delaware during Dr. Biden's travels to military bases this week. She has a three-day trip this week, and the dogs will return to the White House soon," said Psaki. She previously told Morning Joe that the first dogs "often go to Delaware when the first lady's traveling."

Biden also confirmed that the dogs weren't sent away as a consequence. "I didn't banish him to home," Biden told Stephanopoulos. "Jill was going to be away for four days, and I was going to be away for two, so we took them home."

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Major is now receiving more training.

First Dogs

While the incident wasn't severe, Biden said Major is receiving some additional training as he works to adjust to his new home. "The dog's being trained now [with] our trainer at home in Delaware," said Biden.

The president had previously said that both of the pups were trained early on. "We trained them from the beginning," Biden told People in February. "Champ is old, he's 14 years old, and he was extremely well-trained by the Canine Corps, and he thinks he's Secret Service." He went on to describe Major as a "big, little dog." And for more up-to-date information delivered straight to your inbox, sign up for our daily newsletter.

Biden says most people at the White House love Major.

First dogs Champ and Major Biden
Animal Planet via Flotus / Instagram

Although the incident spiraled into a bigger story putting Major in a bad light, Biden assured Stephanopoulos that the pup is widely adored. POTUS said most people—85 percent to be exact—at the White House love him. "All he does is lick them and wag his tail," he said.

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