This Viral Love Story Between Two Cats Will Restore Your Faith in Romance

Simon has nine lives and he wants to spend all of them with Theo.

On Monday, Twitter user @kenziecoffman shared a love story that sounds like a real-life fairytale. You see, her cat, Simon, is absolutely besotted by the cat who graces his window in their neighboring building. Every day, he waits patiently on the windowsill, hoping to gaze upon the object of his affection.

simon cat in love with neighbor

Separated by glass and the chasm between them, all he can do is stare into his sweet love's eyes to express his undying affection, as a tragic hero would in a Shakespearean drama.

simon the cat love story

But Simon's human decided enough was enough and it was time to get these two star-crossed lovers together. So she wrote a question on a sign to put on the windowsill. It read, "What is your cat's name?"

simon cat love story

And, to their delight, the response was, "Hi Simon, I'm Theo, You're My Best Friend."

simon cat love story twitter viral

Theo initially used the wrong version of "you're," but quickly corrected it. Maybe spelling isn't his strong suit, but what does that matter when it comes to true love?

People quickly became very engrossed in this modern-day romance, especially thanks to the references to Love, Simon, a 2018 romantic comedy about a closeted gay teen trying to find out the identity of a classmate with whom he has fallen in love online.

At their first meeting—i.e. the first time the windows were opened—it was Simon's birthday.

Simon was a little shy about finally greeting his love.

But he's starting to gain the courage.

It's OK, Simon, you take all the time you need. True love is worth the wait. And for more great stories about our feline friends, check out This Man Woke Up from Surgery Recovery to an Adorable Surprise That's Going Viral.

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