Viral Tweet Perfectly Captures the Pain of Losing a Pet

"Love and loss go hand in hand."

For many people, their dogs, cats, and other furry friends are more like family. That's why losing a pet is one of the most heartbreaking things a person can go through. But as great as the pain of this monumental loss may be, it can never outweigh the light and joy that their love has yielded.

Former firefighter Gregg Favre reminded everyone of this in a Twitter thread that has gone viral since it was posted last Friday.

As Favre explained on Twitter, 11 years ago, he rescued a dog named Bella while he was on duty at the firehouse.

"Over the next decade+, we would be inseparable. On adventures, on walks around the neighborhood, or sitting by the fire at home," he wrote. "She passed away in my arms last night, peacefully, after a resolute fight with cancer."

While Favre wrote that he's always had dogs and each of them holds a special place in his heart, the bond that he and Bella shared was especially strong. "We could communicate with glances and head nods," he wrote. "My wife would joke that it felt like we were ganging up on her."

Favre's faithful pup stayed by his side through everything, providing the stability and comfort only a pet can. "As life came crashing against our door—grad school, promotions, loss, injury, and sickness—our routine stayed the same. She was always grounding. Always loyal," he wrote.

And while losing Bella is no doubt earth-shattering for Favre, he knows that the two of them made the most of their time together, and that "love and loss go hand in hand."

If you weren't already crying, then watch the video that Favre posted, which features more photos of Bella along with the poem that he read to her every day on their walks since she was diagnosed with cancer four months ago. The poem is called "Walking the Roads of Our Youth."

It's about always walking alongside one another, and it ends with the lines, "And if your heart's full of sorrow, keep walking/Don't rest/And promise me from heart to chest to never let your memories die/Never/I will always be alive and by your side/In your mind/I'm free."

"As I held her last night, before she slipped away, I told her once more, 'heart to chest,'" Favre wrote.

And if you really want to be emotionally destroyed, Favre also revealed that he donated Bella's unused cancer medication to families in need. He invited everyone to donate to Stray Rescue—an organization in St. Louis, Missouri, that helps dogs like Bella by providing medical care.

Needles to say, everyone who read the thread was immediately blinded by tears, and many people shared their own stories and photos about losing their best friends.

Losing a pet hurts so much, but even in our sorrow, we know that we are blessed to have been able to experience this kind of unconditional love.

And for more on why every dog deserves to die in the arms of their beloved human, read this veterinarian's heartbreaking, viral note about the hardest thing about putting down pets.

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