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Lindsay Lohan Stole Jewelry From "Anger Management" Set, Charlie Sheen Says

She made a cameo on his sitcom the same year they appeared together in Scary Movie V.

When it comes to stars who experienced career flame-outs fueled by bad behavior, Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan are both somewhere near the top of the list—so it's hardly surprising that when they worked together, a bit of drama ensued. In this case it was Sheen calling out the former child star for allegedly stealing jewelry from the set of his FX sitcom Anger Management. Read on to find out what happened after he accused her and where they stand today.

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The incident came at a low point in Lohan's career.

Lindsay Lohan in court in 2013
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While Sheen was able to pull out of a potential career tailspin after he was fired from his leading role on Two and a Half Men in 2011 amid a feud with creator Chuck Lorre and erratic public behavior driven by addiction, landing Anger Management a year later, Lohan had more trouble in the wake of her high-profile struggle with substance use disorder, which included multiple arrests and a stint in jail.

After filming 2007's I Know Who Killed MeLohan dropped out of the production of an Oscar Wilde adaptation to enter rehab and lost out on another role due to the production's inability to obtain insurance for her. She was cast in the lead in the comedy Labor Pains, but her waning star power saw the film relegated to a television premiere. The director of another project, the film The Other Side, recast her due to Lohan being "not bankable," and she received some terrible reviews for her turn as Hollywood icon Elizabeth Taylor in the 2012 biopic Liz & Dick.

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Her Anger Management stint started out well.

Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan in Anger Management

The two actors were cast together twice in 2013: once for a scene in the Scary Movie V and again when Lohan filmed a cameo in Anger Management, playing a patient of Sheen's therapist character who develops feelings for him.

Sheen was quick to spill the beans about working with Lohan in an April 2013 episode of The Tonight Show. The then-47-year-old actor said she initially made him look bad.

"Day one was fabulous," he told Jay Leno, as quoted in The Daily Mail. "She was on time. Hit every mark. Made us look off our game, which we weren't."

Sheen said Lohan held the show "hostage" and left with jewelry from the set.

Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan in 2013
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However, the second day did not go as well. Sheen went on to tell Leno that the then-26-year-old Mean Girls star was incredibly tardy.

"It was as though she had us held hostage because she gave us half the show… and was a little bit—four hours—late," he said. Sheen also confirmed rumors that she left the set with some bracelets that caught her eye. "She borrowed some stuff, and then was told they would take it out of her paycheck, and she said fine, and that's all it was," he clarified.

The episode premiered the night after his interview with Leno and the same night Scary Movie V premiered. According to a contemporary E! News article, the two declined to walk the red carpet together and Lohan was upset by a joke in the film that had been re-edited to poke fun at her probation issues.

Both actors have since found sobriety.

Lindsay Lohan in 2023
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After that rough patch, both Sheen and Lohan went on journeys toward sobriety. Already off drugs, Sheen told People he quit alcohol cold turkey in 2017 after being unable to take his daughter to an appointment because he had been drinking early in the day. Meanwhile, Lohan charted her path to recovery on the eight-episode OWN docuseries Lindsay in 2014. After opening a Greek beach club memorialized in the 2019 MTV series Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club and returning to acting in the 2021 Netflix movie Falling for Christmas, she married Dubai-based financier Bader Shammas in 2022. The pair welcomed son Luai earlier this year.

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Sheen says he still has "tremendous affection" for Lohan.

Charlie Sheen in 2023
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In 2019, Sheen reflected to Us Weekly on his time spent with Lohan, to whom he said he gave $100k of his Scary Movie V salary due to being paid considerably more than her. "I always had tremendous affection for her," the now-58-year-old actor explained. "I can totally relate to some of the stuff she had gone through, was going through."

Sheen also shared his advice for the road ahead. "[I'd] just tell her, just stay the course," the actor advised. "You can't change the past, but they wouldn't call it that if it wasn't, right?"

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