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See Jude Law's Model Daughter Iris at 20

The actor's second oldest kid is an up-and-coming model, designer, and cookbook author.

Jude Law isn't just a movie star—he's also a dad of six. The actor had his oldest three kids with former wife Sadie Frost, his fourth with model Samantha Burke, his fifth with Catherine Harding, and his newest addition just this past September, with now-wife Phillipa Coan. There's a pretty wide range of ages in the Law brood, so while the Captain Marvel star is changing the diapers of his newborn, his older children are already making their own way in the world. For example, Jude Law's second child and first daughter, Iris Law, was out and about this weekend, the 20-year-old model taking in the F1 Grand Prix with her boyfriend, Jyrrel Roberts. Read on to see what Iris looks like now and to hear more about her budding career.

Iris and her boyfriend were just photographed in Monaco.

Iris Law and Jyrrel Roberts
Arnold Jerocki/FilmMagic

Iris and Roberts, who's also a model, were in Monaco for the Grand Prix this Sunday, wearing some '00s throwback fashion.

Law's daughter, as People reports, has been dating her boyfriend since 2018. Last July, she celebrated their anniversary with a gallery of photos on Instagram. In the caption, she characterized their relationship as "a 24/7 playdate."

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Iris has modeling since she was 14.

Iris Law in 2020
Daniele Venturelli/Daniele Venturelli/Getty Images for Bulgari

Iris started professionally modeling six years ago and is currently signed with IMG Models. Among her successes so far are starring in a Marc Jacobs campaign and walking in Miu Miu's 2020 virtual Fashion Week runway show, as reported by Vogue. She's also a beauty ambassador for Dior.

You could say that she was destined to be involved in fashion, considering supermodel Kate Moss is her godmother and she made her Vogue debut along with her parents and brother Rafferty (who, yes, is also a model) in 2002, when she was just two years old. But Iris has other interests too. Per Vogue, she completed her A-levels in 2019 and started college in the fall of 2020, studying textiles. She also likes to cook and create her own recipes. When she was sheltering in place with Roberts and friend Lila Moss (Kate's daughter), she produced a virtual cookbook that raised £3,000 for Meals for the NHS, a charity supporting healthcare workers in the U.K.

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Her parents inspired her to develop her own unique sense of style.

Speaking to Vogue last year, Iris said that expressing herself and shopping sustainably are more important to her than fashion trends. And it seems like her actor dad played a role in fostering her personal creativity as it pertains to clothing.

"My dad always encouraged me and my siblings to express ourselves through our clothes and choose what we liked," she said. "I had a phase where I just wore smart trousers tucked into cowboy boots. Making my own clothes was super interesting for me—I used to get my grandma to help me print images onto silk and then plaster them on handbags or vests."

She went on, "As I'm getting older, I'm becoming more comfortable with myself and what I like it's easy in this time of Instagram to subconsciously be told what to like. I enjoy putting outfits together and wearing bright clothing."

As Frost, Iris told Teen Vogue in 2016 that she's looked to photos of her mom as a teen for some fashion inspo.

"I was always really interested in what she was wearing growing up and did quite creative things with how I dressed myself," she said.

She's just started her own cooking channel on YouTube.

Iris Law in her YouTube cooking Tutorial
Iris Law/YouTube

Iris' virtual cookbook was just the beginning of her culinary career. Earlier this month, she launched her own YouTube channel, which will feature tutorials. In her first video, she shows viewers how to bake a blueberry and blue cheese focaccia. And according to her Instagram post about her YouTube cooking debut, those who've bought her cookbook can use a QR code to unlock more videos of Iris demonstrating recipes.

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