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See Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann's Youngest Daughter in New Prom Photos

Iris Apatow posted the sweetest video of her prom princess look.

Anyone who has seen Knocked Up will remember the little girls who played Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann's characters' children, Charlotte and Sadie. Keeping up with those comic actors, they make funny comments about the adults around them and give truly bizarre explanations of where babies come from. Well, if you didn't know already, those hilarious kids are Mann's real children, Maude and Iris Apatow, who she shares with the movie's director and her husband of almost 24 years, Judd Apatow.

It's been 14 years since that rom-com came out, and those kids are all grown up. Maude is 23 years old and working as an actor. Little sister Iris is 18 years old and wrapping up her high school experience while also acting. On June 1, Iris shared Instagram and TikTok posts about going to prom with her friends that really show how fast times flies. Read on to see Iris' prom pictures and to find out more about what these former child stars are up to these days.

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Iris shared her prom transformation on social media.

Iris Apatow in her prom video on TikTok
© Iris Apatow / TikTok

As she was getting ready to head to prom, Iris made a TikTok video that shows her changing from her regular clothes to her prom dress. Set to the song "Kiss Me More" by Doja Cat and SZA, the clip starts with the teen without makeup and in loungewear, then, at a music cue, it suddenly changes to her in her prom look. She wore a pink tulle dress with red lipstick. Additionally, she shared a video of herself and a bunch of her friends showing off their prom looks.

She also shared photos on Instagram.

Iris Apatow posing in a car during prom night
© Iris Apatow / Instagram

Iris posted a couple pictures from the night on her Instagram Story. In one of them, she and a friend sit in a car as she poses with her corsage. She also shared a photo of four of her friends on the big night.

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Iris is still acting.

Iris and Judd Apatow at the premiere of "Jane" in 2017
DFree /

After appearing in Knocked Up, Iris and Maude went on to appear in the spinoff movie This Is 40, which came out in 2012. They also had roles in the 2009 film Funny People that again starred their mom and was directed by their dad. Most recently, Iris was in the cast of Love, a Netflix series co-created by Judd.

Her sister has taken on a lot of roles since their Knocked Up days. 

Maude Apatow at the premiere of "Euphoria" in 2019
Eugene Powers /

Being five years older, Maude has taken on quite a few more roles than Iris, especially in the time since she graduated from high school. She currently stars in the HBO series Euphoria, appeared in the Netflix miniseries Hollywood, and had a role in the movie The King of Staten Island, which was written and directed by her father.

In a profile about Maude in Variety, Judd commented on his daughters both being in show business. "I definitely wonder what my children might have chosen to do if all I talked about was dentistry," he said. "Would they be dentists? A lot of the discussion in our house is about storytelling and creativity, so I don't know if we hypnotized them into thinking they should follow suit or if it happened in a natural, healthy way."

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