John Stamos Just Revealed Why He & Bob Saget "Clashed" During "Full House"

"We both went in kicking and screaming, not wanting to bend what we do."

On the TV series Full House, Bob Saget and John Stamos' characters were related by marriage, lived under the same roof, and raised their children together. And in real life, the pair were known for being close, too. But, as Stamos explained to The New York Times following Saget's Jan. 9 death, they didn't hit it off right away. While Saget ended up becoming one of the most important people in Stamos' life, their approaches to acting and being on the Full House set were in conflict, and they did not get off to a good start.

In fact, Stamos recalled to the newspaper that he had to be reminded of just how much he and Saget were at odds at the start of their relationship. Read on to see what Stamos had to say about their on-set issues and how they eventually became good friends.

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They had different approaches to their work.

Lori Loughlin, John Stamos, and Bob Saget on "Full House"
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Speaking to The New York Times, Stamos explained that he and Saget were on different pages when it came to working on Full House. "Our styles completely clashed," Stamos said. "He was a comic. If there was even one person on the set, he had to make them laugh. And I was, 'Where is the drama?' I think we met in the middle. But we both went in kicking and screaming, not wanting to bend what we do."

He said that, at times, Saget was "disruptive."

John Stamos and Bob Saget on "Full House"
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The star also admitted that he sometimes found Saget distracting on set and added that he couldn't control him. "He could be painfully distracting—disruptive—because you're here, let's get this scene, let's find out what works, what doesn't," Stamos said. "And he's like [punching the air as if for each joke], 'Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom.' I'd go, 'Bob.' He couldn't stop it."

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People close to them reminded Stamos of the conflict after Saget's death.

Bob Saget and John Stamos at the Dannon Oikos Tent in 2014
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As they were all grieving together, two people separately reminded Stamos of how his relationship with Saget began. "At Bob's memorial, his ex-wife [Sherri Kramer], who is the mother of his three kids, came to me," Stamos said. "She was crying. 'He loved you so much. He loved you so much. But in the beginning, he hated you.' What? [Laughs.] 'He would come home and he was so jealous of you. He would just complain about you so much.'"

The actor also said that his junior high drama teacher emailed him condolences, but also said, "Do you remember I came to Hawaii? Bob was so nice to me, but man, you were really unhappy with him."

Saget had also opened up about their issues.

Bob Saget and John Stamos at "The Comedy Central Roast of Bob Saget" in 2008
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"The first four years, John and I didn't get along that well," Saget told People in 2017. "I was a comic, I was married, and John was a teen idol that had gone on to be a really good actor." He added, "We both learned a lot from his acting chops," and said that eventually, they "became like brothers."

Their relationship became very close after Stamos lost someone.

John Stamos and Bob Saget at the 18th Annual International Beverly Hills Film Festival in 2018
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In the New York Times interview, Stamos explained that he and Saget buried the hatchet and became very good friends, particularly after Saget offered to host his father's funeral. "I think that one really cemented our friendship," Stamos said. "And then it just got closer and closer from there, to the point of we just were there through all the most important moments. Now I have to get through them without him, you know?"

As for Saget, he made clear how much Stamos meant to him, too. For instance, in an Instagram post celebrating Stamos' birthday in 2021, Saget wrote, "To say we are like brothers is an understatement. We have been through so much together for 35 years. High, lows- The usual you go through with your closest of people in your life. But what I have to say here, is how damned lucky I am to have John in my life. He has always been there for me. Even when I could be unbearable."

He continued, "There is only one @johnstamos on this planet, and I am a better person because he's in my life."

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