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Jennifer Lopez Just Shared Rare Photos With Lookalike Little Sister

Lynda Lopez celebrated a milestone birthday with her sister (and Ben Affleck) by her side.

You know from her songs that Jennifer Lopez stays close with her family and remains tied to the Bronx neighborhood where they grew up. The triple threat star is in the middle of three sisters. Leslie Lopez, the oldest, lives a comparatively private life. Lynda Lopez, the baby of the family, is a journalist, author, and producer. She also just celebrated her 50th birthday—a milestone her middle sister hit last year. In honor of her birthday, Jennifer Lopez shared some selfies with her little sister Lynda, and the family resemblance is still strong. Read on to see the siblings together and to find out how Lopez's reunion with ex Ben Affleck made Lynda's birthday dinner go viral.

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Jennifer called Lynda her "original bestie."

On Monday, Jennifer shared a heartfelt birthday tribute to her sister on Instagram.

"My baby sister…I love you…you are and have always been my original bestie…my partner in crime, my ride or die," she wrote. "The one who has always celebrated me in the good times and encouraged me in the tough ones. You are a brilliant, shining angel on earth with a pure heart and a genuinely beautiful soul. You deserve all the best things in life and on your birthday I wish you peace, health, happiness, success and most importantly…all the love your heart could ever desire. Happy birthday @lyndalopez08!!!!! #IfYoure26Im28!! #Sisters #Familia #TrueLove"

She included two shots of them smiling and posing together at Lynda's birthday celebration.

Lynda has an impressive broadcasting career.

Jennifer and Lynda Lopez
© Jennifer Lopez/Instagram

While not as widely recognizable as her superstar sister, Lynda has also been in the media for decades. She's been a radio broadcaster, VH1 VJ, television host, and news anchor. She also wrote the book, AOC: The Fearless Rise and Powerful Resonance of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, about the life and career of the United States Representative from New York.

"The representation and the visibility she gives to so many young people, people of color, young women, it's important," Lynda told digital magazine Emperifollá about why she chose Ocasio-Cortez as a subject. "It holds power. She's just showing that you can carve a path. It's a very big deal for those of us who grew up and did not see many people like her who were in power or elected or are leaders."

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Lynda's birthday was big for Bennifer fans.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck at the premiere of "Gigli" in 2003
Featureflash Photo Agency /

Talk about getting upstaged at your own event. Lynda's 50th birthday dinner with her family became gossip column fodder when Jennifer brought along Affleck. The two famously (very famously) dated and were engaged in the early '00s and seem to have rekindled their relationship after their splits with Alex Rodriguez and Ana de Armas, respectively. But while those rumors had been, up to this point, mostly fueled by sightings of them hanging out or sources claiming they were in the same place, they were definitely cozy at Lynda's dinner. Page Six published some paparazzi photos of the two kissing during the family party at Miami restaurant Nobu, pretty much proving that Bennifer are legitimately back on.

Lynda didn't seem to mind—in her Instagram post about the party, she thanked Jennifer, her "ride-or-die," for a "beautiful birthday celebration."

Jennifer's sisters still can't believe she's so huge.

Leslie, Jennifer, and Lynda Lopez in 2005

Jennifer's sisters haven't given many interviews about her over the years, but Oprah Winfrey was able to get them to open up back in 2002.

Lynda and Leslie, plus Leslie's two small children, made a video for Jennifer's appearance on Oprah. They talked about how proud they were of Jennifer, how strange it was for them when she became a global superstar, and how outgoing and adventurous she was when they were growing up.

"As a kid, Jen was the ringleader," Leslie said. "Anything that was concocted was usually her idea."

"All of these people are here to see my goofball sister, is the only thought that goes through my head," Lynda said of seeing the commotion anywhere Jennifer goes.

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