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45 Year-Old "Hot Dad" Pursues Modeling Career, Goes Viral

How one man became a meme that even celebs are cheering on

Last Thursday, a student from the University of Toledo named Collin Hayslett tweeted four photos of his father, Clint Hayslett, saying, "My dad is 45, pursuing a modeling career, and I've never seen him happier. He told me he's just waiting for a chance to blow up. So, Twitter, meet my dad."

And blow up he did. The tweet went massively viral, gaining more than 80,000 retweets in just three days, as well as tons of support from new fans.

After all, let's face it: Clint is a very attractive man, so it's no small wonder that the Internet has dubbed him "Hot Dad."

And, if this photo shoot is anything to go by, we've got high hopes for his blossoming modeling career. As one Twitter user aptly put it, "He's got that ageless attractiveness that ad campaigns like…[George Clooney mixed with most interesting man vibes]."

Though, for what it's worth, I personally think he's more of a blend of Andy Garcia and Steve Carell.

andy garcia and steve carell red carpet photos

Anyway, the post has now also turned into a meme, probably because the wording of it is too good not to appropriate.

Some people are using it to share photos of famous celebrities or movie characters.

…whereas others seem to be engaging in mock photo shoots themselves.

The whole thing has become a great celebration of dads, no matter how they look.

And while sometimes the meme is obviously meant to be ironic…

…many of them are a reminder that age really is just a number and it's never too late to pursue your dreams. For example, here's Lin Manuel Miranda using the meme to celebrate his 64-year-old father, Luis A. Miranda, Jr.

Oh, and if you're wondering how Clint is responding to all of the attention: he loves it.

"There's been nothing but positivity from family and friends," his son, Colin, told Pedestrian TV. "We've just been sitting as a family laughing at some of the outlandish replies, and he was nearly in tears seeing that he was trending a couple of hours ago."

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