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10 Home Science Experiments Your Kids Will Love

These easy and educational projects are so fun, they won't even miss screen time!

Without the benefit of schools, daycares, or babysitters available for most families amid the coronavirus pandemic, parents and guardians are getting creative when it comes to keeping their kids entertained with educational activities throughout the day. Fortunately, the internet is home to a trove of home science experiment tutorials that are so fun your kids won't even realize they're learning. From science-related art activities to creative gardening projects, these kid-friendly experiments will help them harness their inner Curies and Copernicuses. And for more great ways to keep your little ones occupied, check out these 11 Homemade Mother's Day Card Ideas for Kids.

Make a color-changing baking soda volcano.

pink baking soda volcano
Preschool Inspirations

You don't have to wait for your next Amazon delivery to create a science experiment your kids will love. All it takes is a few simple ingredients—most of which you probably already have on hand—to create this amazing color-changing volcano from Preschool Inspirations right at home.

Create your own slime.

purple glitter slime
Little Bins for Little Hands

Just because you can't run to your local toy store doesn't mean you can't replenish your kids' stash of slime. With this recipe from Little Bins for Little Hands using ingredients like saline solution (the stuff you use for contact lenses) and those art cart leftovers like craft glue and glitter, you and your little ones can make your own slime that rivals any store-bought variety. And for more great ways to keep those little hands busy, check out these 27 Educational Toys That'll Keep Your Kids Entertained at Home.

Create your own lava lamp.

Hands on As We Grow

Even the youngest members of your family can take part in your family science night. This easy lava lamp experiment from Hands On As We Grow requires only vegetable oil, water, food coloring, and Alka-Seltzer tablets. And it looks extremely cool.

Make oobleck

spoon in bowl of green oobleck
The Best Ideas for Kids

How can something be a solid and a liquid at once? That's the question oobleck aims to answer, with its fun-to-touch texture. Better yet, this fun project from The Best Ideas for Kids is a good one for little ones as young as preschool age to tackle with their parents or older siblings.

Create paint masterpieces with water.

kid dropping paint on paper with eye dropper
Babble Dabble Do

Looking to keep your art-loving kids entertained with a STEAM activity that's great for all ages? This simple watercolor and oil project from Babble Dabble Do, which combines watercolor paint and oil, is the perfect way to let your little ones create their own unique masterpieces using supplies you've already got at home.

Make a rainstorm in a jar.

rainstorm in a jar
Growing a Jeweled Rose

You don't have to be a meteorologist to create a fun home science project your kids are sure to love. With these instructions from Growing a Jeweled Rose, just a little shaving cream, some paint, and water combine to create an amazing rainstorm in a jar. And if you're looking for more ways to keep your kids busy, discover these 19 Family Games for When You're Stuck in the House.

Make invisible ink.

little white child's hand writing love on paper in invisible ink
Step Momming

Does your kid love the idea of being a spy? Then give them the tools they need to write secret messages with this super-fun invisible ink project from (Step)Momming. They'll get a big kick out of leaving secret messages all over the house.

Investigate how food coloring affects flowers

brightly dyed flowers
Dream a Little Bigger

If you have flowers and food coloring, you have all you need to create a fun science project for your kids. Dream a Little Bigger tells you everything you need to know about how to dye flowers beautiful colors with totally safe materials. Better yet, the result is an eye-catching addition to any room in your home! For more home entertainment, check out these 18 2020 Movies Streaming Right Now and Where to Find Them.

Make fizzing bath bombs.

white hands making purple bath bomb
Home Science Tools

Teach your kids about the reactions between ingredients—and give them some added incentive to get in the tub at the end of the day—by creating your own fizzing bath bombs with this recipe from Home Science Tools. Inexpensive and easy to make, these fragrant bath accessories are sure to make bath time their favorite time of day.

Create a bouncy egg.

white hand squeezing green egg
Parenting Chaos

While you might not be eager to hand uncooked eggs to your little ones unless you're keen on cleaning up messes, this experiment from Parenting Chaos turns those fridge staples into toys through a simple scientific reaction. Just soak the egg in vinegar overnight and voila! A raw egg you can bounce!

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