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The Hilarious Reason Why Home Alone Is Going Viral Nearly 30 Years Later

Once you've seen it, you can't unsee it.

Home Alone will always be a Christmas classic that truly encapsulates all of the magic and family values of the holiday season. But when you watch it as an adult, you can't help but have some questions.

Like, how was his mother halfway to Paris before she realized she was missing one of her kids? And how come we never give the dad a hard time about it? And most, importantly, what in the name of Santa did Kevin's dad do for a living?

To be fair, the movie suggests that rich Uncle Rob was the one who funded the vacation, but still! The pizza delivery alone cost $228, and his credit card limit in the sequel seems virtually bottomless.

In a thread that is now going viral, however, CNET senior editor Claire Reilly poses another question about the McCallister household that you may not have noticed as a kid. Did they maybe go a little overboard with the Christmas decorations?

Don't get me wrong, we all love a well-decorated house around the holidays, but there is waaaay too much going on here.

Exhibit A:

"What kind of monster has red wallpaper next to a green wall? Offset with contrasting green house plant and red candles?"

Exhibit B: Is the green tapestry hanging in the green corridor on the way up to the attic really necessary?

Who in the world owns or has ever owned a pine green landline phone?

In fact, is there any color combo in this house other than red and green?

The worst part is that they're not even going to be home for Christmas!

It's not just the interior design, a lot of it extends to Kevin's wardrobe as well. I mean, I get that this is a movie, but isn't a kid who is home alone more likely to wear a T-shirt and jeans instead of this flashy red pajama and green robe ensemble?

Which brings back the age-old question: Did his mom, on some level, actually want to leave him behind?

Fans of the film are kind of shocked they never picked up on this, and now they can't ever unsee it.

And, who knows, maybe it's just Christmas in the McCallister house all year-round.

After all, a recent study did find that putting Christmas decorations up early make people happier. Maybe it's worth having your house look like Santaland on steroids. But if you're a bit taken aback by this color schematic, check out these tips on how to transform your home into a winter wonderland without resorting to simply stuffing it with poinsettias.

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