17 Hidden Product Packaging Features That Will Amaze You

When a box is more than just a box

Think about the items that you come across every day—things like your aluminum foil and pill bottles. Though we utilize these objects frequently, it might come as a shock to you to learn that each of them is hiding a hidden feature that, once realized, could actually make your life so much simpler.

A Chinese takeout box, for instance? You can fold that into a makeshift plate. And your can of soda? If you flip the tab around, you can use it to prevent your straw from sinking in. Amazing, right? Right! Herein, we've compiled a comprehensive list of useful hidden product features you're probably missing. Enjoy!

Aluminum foil boxes have tabs that keep the tube in place.

aluminum foil box

Nothing is more frustrating than trying to rip off a piece of aluminum foil, only for the tube to fall out of the box and unravel completely. However, it seems that the makers of aluminum foil had the same problem, which is why they included tabs on either side of the box that, when pushed in, will keep the tube in place.

Soda can tabs can be used to prevent the straw from slipping in.

bad puns

Though many people prefer to drink their soda with a straw, doing so comes with the risk of losing the straw should it sink into the can. But if you want to sip your soda with a straw and not have to worry about it disappearing, all you have to do is flip the tab on the can around and use the hole to hold your straw in place.

Tic Tac containers have tiny serving trays.

an open mint white tic tac box resting on a wooden table

There's no need to shake your Tic Tac bottle mercilessly until dozens of tiny mints come crashing onto the floor. The next time you want to make your breath minty fresh, simply open your container of Tic Tacs and gently shake them until a single mint appears in the indentation on the underside of the cap—it's a perfect fit!

Takeout boxes turn into trays.

Chinese Takeout Box Everyday Things With a Real Purpose

The next time you order Chinese takeout, don't bother dirtying any dishes that you'll have to clean later. All you have to do is fold the takeout box down until it's flat enough to serve as a makeshift plate that you can throw out once your meal is complete.

To-go cups come with built-in coasters.

using a lid as a coaster
Image via Twitter/@410HoodieChris

To-go cups are useful when you're out and about, but as soon as you sit them down on a surface, they create an unsightly watermark that's impossible to get rid of. Of course, you could invest in a set of coasters and call it a day, but there's also the option to just use the lid of the cup as an impromptu coaster for your to-go cup like the makers intended.

Condiment cups can open to hold more ketchup.

ketchup cup hack
Image via YouTube

If you're a frequent French fry eater, then you're definitely going to want to pay attention to this next hidden product feature. Evidently, those tiny condiment cups that many a fast food chain use can be flattened out in order that you might fill them will even more of your condiment of choice. Plus, this flatter design makes it easier for you to dip to your heart's desire.

Your red solo cup is also a measuring cup.

red solo cup Never Buy

Though the makers of the Solo Cup didn't do so intentionally, they actually designed their party-favorite cups with lines that evidently coincide with standard drink servings. According to The Kitchn, the lowest line on the cup is approximately the serving of a shot (1 ounce), the middle line is the standard serving of wine (5 ounces), and the top line is the standard serving of beer (12 ounces).

You're supposed to actually flip those yogurt "flip cups."

Chobani flip yogurt

Yes, that separate container on those yogurt "flips" is designed to keep the toppings separate from the yogurt until it's time to mix them, but that's not the compartment's only purpose. The container is also unique in the fact that it can be lifted up and actually poured directly into the yogurt, with no effort necessary on your part whatsoever.

Juice boxes have hidden handles.

kid drinking a juice box

Every parent knows the struggle of giving their kid a juice box, only for the child to grip on too hard and squirt it everywhere. Luckily, there's a solution: If you open the flaps on the lid of the juice box, your child can use them as a makeshift handle and a sticky situation can easily be avoided.

Applesauce containers have built-in spoons.


Don't fret if you take out your container of applesauce at lunch only to realize that you forgot to bring a spoon. Thanks to the material they're made out of, the lids on these containers can easily be shaped into a makeshift spoon in a pinch.

Those sweatbands for your wrists aren't just meant to keep your hands dry.

man stretching with a sweatband on his wrist

Have you ever wondered what the purpose of sweatbands for your wrists are? If so, you're not alone. Most people don't realize that these bands are actually meant to be used by runners and athletes to wipe sweat off of their foreheads, ensuring that it doesn't get into their eyes.

Prescription bottles can easily be un-childproofed.

Prescription bottle cap

Anyone who has to take a prescription medication every day can attest to the fact that opening and closing a childproofed bottle is extremely frustrating. But if you take a prescription medication and you don't have any young ones running around the house to worry about, all you have to do is flip your cap to un-childproof it for good.

Oatmeal packets are designed to be a one-stop shop.

Oatmeal and raisins and bananas for low blood pressure look younger oats healthy man

For the most part, people eating instant oatmeal packets are in a hurry and don't have time to clean up tons of dishes. And of course, the makers of these packets understand that—that's why they lined them with plastic, making it possible for consumers to pour water or milk straight into the packet, avoiding the use of a bowl altogether. The packets even have a red line on them to indicate how much liquid should go in.

Makeup containers are secretly labeled with expiration dates.

makeup expiration symbols

Unsure when your tube of mascara is due for a replacement? Just look on the container for the shelf life symbol. Usually, this will look something like a drawing of a container of powdered makeup with a number next to either an M (for months) or Y (for years), giving you an idea as to how much time you have left before your goods go bad.

Chopsticks come with their own built-in stands.

wooden chopsticks

If you don't want your wooden chopsticks touching the dirty, bacteria-infested table, then simply rip the base of the chopsticks off to create a tiny stand. (That is the design's intention, after all.)

Look carefully at the buckle on your backpack…

backpack whistle
Image via Imgur

And you'll likely find that it secretly includes an emergency whistle that looks something like the one above. This hidden feature could certainly come in handy should a life-or-death situation occur!

Most moving boxes have handles for easy transport.

things divorced people know

Those holes on the sides of moving boxes are there for ease of transport. If you slip your hands in there, you'll quickly realize that those holes are actually handles there to make your moving experience all the easier.

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