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"GMA" Weatherman Rob Marciano Has Been "Banned" From Studio, Insiders Claim

Fans may have noticed that he's only been doing field reporting recently.

Good Morning America fans may have noticed that weatherman Rob Marciano has not been featured as much as he used to over the past year and also that he hasn't been reporting from the studio. According to a new report, this is because the news personality has been banned from the GMA studio and only permitted to film segments on location.

On March 19, Page Six reported that Marciano is not allowed in the studio following an alleged incident last year. The weatherman, who also reports for ABC News' evening show, was obviously not fired over this and has reportedly been lobbying for the ban to be lifted. Read on to find out more.

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Marciano has worked for the network since 2014.

Marciano, a former Entertainment Tonight host, made his Good Morning America debut nine years ago. He is currently the senior meteorologist for ABC World News Tonight and for the weekend edition of Good Morning America. On GMA, Marciano took over for Ginger Zee when she left the weekend show to be the meteorologist for the weekday episodes.

Allegedly, he is banned from the studio.

Rob Marciano at the 2013 Weinstein Post Golden Globes Party
Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock

Page Six reported on Sunday that Marciano has been banned from the studio where Good Morning America films for nearly a year after allegedly making a colleague feel uncomfortable.

"He was found to have done something … that was improper, but he was punished for it, and they still haven't let him return," an insider claimed to the outlet.

Another source claimed that he's displayed signs of some anger management issues. "He made people feel uncomfortable," the source said." There was a period where there were some issues, a number of alarming events."

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He is allowed to work, but only from the field.

Rob Marciano on "Good Morning America" in 2017
Good Morning America / YouTube

According to Page Six, Marciano was barred from appearing on air for a month following an alleged incident, and, after he returned to work, continued to be barred from the studio itself. Executive producer Simone Swink "still won't allow him back in [the studio]," an insider told the outlet.

"She's no-nonsense and is very serious," a source said of Swink. "She's focused on the work and wants to keep [her staff] focused and happy. She's very protective of her team."

A source told Page Six, "Any decision made about the team is based first and foremost on protecting the culture and enabling our people to focus on the work of news-gathering—free of distraction."

But Marciano is reportedly focused on changing his status, with an insider claiming that "all he wants is his old job back, and to be allowed back in." As this has been going on, Marciano has been able to appear in the studio for World News Tonight as that show is filmed in a different location.

Best Life has reached out to representatives for Good Morning America and Marciano for comment.

Fans have noticed Marciano's absence.

Rob Marciano at the 2013 Emmys
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In November 2022, The U.S. Sun reported that GMA viewers had noticed Marciano wasn't in the studio and seemed to be on the air less often.

"I don't understand! Why isn't @RobMarciano coming to @GMA studios on weekends? How long will this continue?" a fan tweeted. Someone else posted, "@GMA – that's it. I'm gone. @RobMarciano is still not back. The whole dynamic is off. I waited. I give up."

He recently made headlines for another reason.

Eryn and Rob Marciano at the 2013 TCA Summer Party
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Last year, Marciano also made headlines in regards to his divorce from wife Eryn Marciano after 11 years of marriage. In July 2022, Us Weekly reported that Eryn had filed for divorce.

In a statement to Page Six at the time, Marciano said, "The last couple of years have been very difficult. I didn't want this and tried to save the marriage, but we are sadly divorcing. My focus now is on my kids."

In December, the 54-year-old posted shared an update on their co-parenting situation on Instagram. "The kids had a great Christmas with mom and dad successfully teaming up to keep the holiday love and magic alive," he captioned a photo of his two young children.

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