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Frontier Airlines Passengers Vote Woman "Off the Plane" After Shouting Match

“Raise your hand if you want her removed from the flight,” says one passenger in a viral TikTok video.

Passengers on a Frontier Airlines flight from Trenton, NJ to Atlanta, GA got to exercise their democratic rights after a shouting match occurred between three unruly travelers. What began as a dispute between a couple and a flight attendant over seat placement turned into a larger quarrel involving a snarky third passenger.

Ultimately all three guests were escorted off the flight, but not before other passengers got involved to informally decide the fate of one of them, according to social media videos which showing the incident.

The dramatic event began when a couple expressed their dissatisfaction about seating arrangements to a flight attendant before the flight's departure. The couple allegedly wanted to sit closer to the front of the aircraft, TikTok user @lanaisli stated to the New York Post, but were told it wasn't possible by the onboard staffer. 

Tensions escalated into a heated argument causing a delay for the flight, at which point a vigilante traveler a few rows back felt the need to get involved, says the TikToker.

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"We've been asking you to mind your damn business this whole plane ride," the female partner in the couple shouted at one point. "What are you so invested in us for?"

Allegedly, the man partner in the couple approached the third passenger and tried to hand her "a few bills" which she threw "back in his face," the New York Post reports.

Eventually, airport security came on board to escort the heated couple off of the plane.


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"I apologize, but you've been hearing her make remarks about us the entire time," the woman from the couple expressed in one of @lanaisli's videos, as they began to leave.

"You can get out with them," another offscreen passenger said to the woman who had been heckling the couple.

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The footage shows angry passengers telling each other to "shut up" across rows and aisles in the grounded flight, indicating that the annoyance about the delay was felt by many.

At one point, another man blamed the issues on "American culture" saying that "if everybody was really about everybody as a collective whole then we'd be working together but everybody is against each other… I'm being real though."

The same passenger stated that there were "30 to 40 people here that would like her [the third passenger involved in the disruption] removed from the flight." He asked other passengers, "If you'd like her removed from the flight, please raise your hand." A group of travelers eager to get on with their trip indulged him in @lanaisli's footage.

It's not entirely clear if the informal vote was enough to get the third passenger kicked off, or if flight attendants relaid additional grievances for her behavior. Eventually, all three unruly passengers were escorted from the aircraft, and the flight was allowed to take off. It arrived 56 minutes late, according to tracking information from Flight Aware.


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In a final video posted by @lanaisli, the TikToker claimed that a person, who appeared to be one of the passengers removed from the flight, had told her that she would sue the TikToker for "defamation." The events give new meaning to the phrase "keep your seatbelt fastened as turbulence can occur at any time point during the flight"—including while still on the ground, apparently.

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