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This Major Airline Just Launched an All-You-Can-Fly Pass—And a Limited Number Are on Sale

You can weigh the pros and cons of this unique offering.

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If you enjoy traveling, chances are you'd like to do so more often. That's where an annual all-you-can-fly pass would really come in handy, as you pay a one-time fee and then book trips to your heart's content. You might even be more motivated to jet set if you've invested in a pass, upping your number of vacation opportunities and trips to see friends and family. Now, one major airline launched its all-access pass, with a limited number on sale right now. Read on to find out which carrier will let you fly as often as you want.

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Flight subscription programs aren't anything new.

Amsterdam, Netherlands - May 21, 2021: American Airlines Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner airplane at Amsterdam Schiphol airport (AMS) in the Netherlands.

Several airlines offer passes for a certain number of flights, but unlimited passes aren't as common. Alaska Airlines has a range of subscription options, depending on how many roundtrip flights you're planning to book each month. Subscription fees vary, and you can select from six different plans to find one that suits your needs. Prices are as low as $49 per month for the basic Flight Pass, which gets you one round-trip flight every two months, and as high as $749 per month for Flight Pass Pro, which gets you two round-trip flights per month (and the ability to book same-day travel).

American Airlines also offers its AirPass membership, which is best suited for "high-flying" customers who travel with the airline consistently, according to Nerd Wallet. This is because the pass is more of an investment, starting at $10,000 per person. That price may sound high, but before being discontinued in the 1990s, American also offered a lifetime membership, AAirpass, for a whopping $250,000.

Now, another airline is changing the game by introducing its all-you-can-fly pass, which doesn't cap the number of flights you can book each month.

Limited numbers of these discounted passes are on sale.

frontier airlines planes
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Frontier Airlines is known for its affordable flights, and it has now made headlines with the introduction of the GoWild! Pass. The all-you-can-fly pass is available to U.S. residents over the age of 18, allowing you to book an unlimited number of domestic flights as well as international flights (a recent addition to the package) over a 12-month period. The pass can even be used for Frontier flights to Mexico, the Caribbean, and Latin America, The Points Guy reported.

If this package sounds pretty sweet to you, act fast, as "a limited number of passes" are available for $799 each year, being sold on a first-come, first-served basis. The sale runs through 11:59 p.m. Mountain Time on Nov. 28, 2022, and after that time, you'll be on the hook for the full annual price—$1,999. Roughly $800 for unlimited flights is pretty reasonable, but this figure is actually higher than when Frontier first announced the program. According to The Points Guy, the unlimited flight pass was initially introduced for $599 annually.

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There are some pretty significant stipulations.

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As with any deal that seems too good to be true, there are a few caveats with the GoWild! Pass. When booking, you pay just $0.01 in airfare, but there are additional taxes, fees, and charges added to your bill. Frontier will still charge you to pick your seat, and if you want to bring anything bigger than a personal item, like a full-sized carry-on or checked bag, you'll be on the hook for that, too.

You're required to book through Frontier's website as well, meaning you can't use third-party sites to secure your travel plans, and the pass will automatically renew for the following year unless you cancel in time.

On Frontier's page outlining the program, it reads "Flexible with your schedule? This is your ticket to truly go wild, as often as you like." But "flexible"lly the key word here, as you can't use your pass to book domestic travel until the day before you leave. This can put you in a bit of a pickle when planning a roundtrip, as Frontier notes that the same rules apply and you'll only be able to book and confirm your return flight the day before you leave. You've got a bit more time with international flights, however, as those trips can be booked starting 10 days prior, but "last seat availability" is not guaranteed on any flight.

If you were planning to capitalize on the pass for holiday travel, think again.

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In addition to fees and booking parameters, you'll have to wait to use your pass until May 2, 2023. Your pass is non-transferable, so only you can use it, and it won't help you accrue miles or status. However, if you're a Frontier Miles Elite Member, you'll get the same benefits that you do on other flights. According to The Points Guy, these amenities include free advanced seat selection and free bags.

But no matter what your status is, Frontier further notes that flights booked with your pass are subject to "blackout periods," which appear to coincide with busier holiday weekends in 2023.

Blackout periods include May 25, 26, and 29, which are the Thursday and Friday before Memorial Day Weekend and the holiday itself; June 29 and 30 and July 1 through 5, 8, and 9, which are likely when you'd want to travel for Independence Day; Aug. 31 and Sept. 1 and 4, marking Labor Day Weekend; and Oct. 5, 6, and 9, which surround Columbus Day.

The holiday season is dicey, too. You won't be able to use your pass for Thanksgiving travel on Nov. 18, 22, and 24 to 27, or for Christmas celebrations on Dec. 16, 17, 22 to 24, and 26 to 31. This could also affect your New Year's plans, as Jan. 1 is part of 2024's blackout period. With these dates in mind, you might want to think about what you spend on airfare each year and whether the GoWild! Pass is a worthwhile investment.

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