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American Airlines Will Finally Let Passengers Do This on Flights, as of Oct. 12

This policy was previously in place before the COVID-19 pandemic.

Flying is often exciting, whether it's for business or pleasure, but there's no shortage of rules and requirements. You've got Transportation Security Administration (TSA) processes and baggage restrictions to think about, all on top of simply making your flight on time. But American Airlines is now updating one of its policies, and finally allowing passengers to do something they haven't been able to in years. Read on to find out how the popular carrier is prepared to make your travel experience a bit more enjoyable.

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American has made a number of recent changes.

american airlines flagship first
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American made headlines earlier this month when it announced a major change. According to a Sept. 20 press release, the airline is introducing Flagship Suite, which is its new premium business-class seating on its long-haul fleet.

As a result, however, come 2023, the airline is axing its Flagship First seating, which is offered on two of the few plane varieties that still have three cabins. American was the last U.S. airline to offer a true first-class experience, as others have axed this section to make way for a larger business class.

And that isn't the only update that American Airlines has up its sleeves, per a new announcement. You'll soon be able to take advantage of a different dining experience when flying.

Take advantage of this before your board.

airplane meal
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Let's be real, airplane food is not always the most appetizing. You might have images of congealed substances or sandwiches with rubbery chicken in mind, but American Airlines is working to improve the culinary experience on their planes.

As of Oct. 12, the airline will again offer pre-order-only meals ahead of your flights. The ability to choose these exclusive meals—which aren't available as part of the regular in-flight menu—was discontinued during the pandemic, a spokesperson for the airline confirmed via email. These are intended to offer flyers more choices that can be reserved ahead of travel.

When you're pre-ordering an entrée, those in Flagship First or Flagship Business classes can do so 30 days before your flight and up to 24 hours ahead of departure.

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Never-before-seen options will also be available.

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Previously, one popular pre-order-only option was a charcuterie board, which many are hoping to see come back, according to View from the Wing. But while you might be yearning for the meat and cheese plate's return, American Airlines has confirmed there's something else in store.

Also starting Oct. 12, American is rolling out a new wellness menu for premium-cabin passengers on certain domestic, transcontinental, long-haul Hawaii, and international flights, the spokesperson confirmed to Best Life.

In addition to existing entrée options, premium passengers have their choice of three new meals, including a mushroom and asparagus frittata for breakfast. For lunch and dinner, you can select a harvest vegetable and grain bowl or a golden roasted chicken dish. A "dip duo" will also be served as an appetizer for preordered wellness lunch and dinner entrees for premium passengers, The Points Guy reported.

Which premium passengers this applies to were not confirmed, but according to the airline's website, premium cabins include Flagship First and Flagship Business on international and transcontinental flights; First on domestic flights; Business on shorter-distance international flights; and Premium Economy on select long-distance international trips, as well as those to Hawaii and Alaska.

The wellness meals may be here to stay.

crowded american airlines flight
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The wellness meals were developed in tandem the airline's culinary partner, the James Beard Foundation and nutritionist Ellie Krieger, per The Points Guy, and if the new health-focused menu proves to be a success, the airline has plans to keep it up and running.

"If customers enjoy the items, and they are popular, we'd love to keep serving up opportunities for them to enjoy," a spokesperson told View from the Wing.

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