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I'm a Flight Attendant and Would "NEVER" Do These 3 Things on a Plane

This air travel expert is sharing what she's learned to avoid after five years in the industry.

Traveling by plane may be the fastest mode of transportation, but it's also one of the most stressful. Even the most experienced travelers are always looking for tips and tricks to make things a little more manageable. And who better to learn from than someone who flies professionally? A flight attendant named Cher recently took to her TikTok account @cherdallas to share the bad practices she's learned to avoid after five years in the industry. In the now-viral video from Jan. 26, Cher reveals the three things she would "NEVER" do on plane. Read on to learn what she would always advise against.

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Never wear shorts

Young man sitting inside an airplane and using a digital tablet. Male passenger using e-reader during flight.

When deciding what clothes to travel in, don't reach for any old option. Cher says there are many reasons why she would never wear shorts on the plane.

But she only lists two of those reasons in her TikTok: "It's gonna be cold, you're gonna freeze to death," she explains.

Beyond that? "Say we have an evacuation, you have to go down the slide, your butt cheeks are gonna be sizzled off."

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Never book short connections

Travelers with suitcases walking through the airport

While most travelers are anxious about shorter connections, some of us tend to think that we'll be fine if we have at least an hour or so before our next flight. But even that length of layover is too short, according to Cher.

"I would never book less than a three hour connection between flights," she says in her video. "Delays can happen for a million and one reasons."

Cher also stresses that delays are even more common nowadays.

"[So] the likelihood that you're gonna miss your connection is pretty high if you're booking shorter than three hours," she warns.

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Never use toilet paper

Aircraft lavatory toilets aboard a jetliner airplane.

The flight attendant's third point in her TikTok video is something most travelers have never thought twice about: the plane's toilet paper.

"If you examine the toilet paper, I promise you're gonna see water droplets on it, or what you think are water droplets," she says. "I don't think we can trust most men to make it in the toilet on a normal day, let alone flying at 36,000 feet with turbulence."

In light of this, Cher says she never uses the toilet paper on a flight and recommends others do the same.

"I just tell all my ladies, just use the Kleenex instead," she shares.

You may not always be able to follow all of these tips.

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"Listen to me or don't, I'm just trying to save you," Cher captioned her TikTok video.

But while it might be easy to forgo shorts and toilet paper on a plane, many people in the comment section pointed out that they don't always have the option to book longer connections.

"We can't always choose layover times," one user wrote. "Plus airlines change times so much in the days/weeks before takeoff that my original 1.5 hour layover is now 35 minutes."

Another person noted that many airlines are booking flights closer and closer together, despite the possibility of delays.

"The problem is connects are like 58 minutes these days," they replied. "It's hard to find even 2 hours."

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