Meet Cinderblock, the Fat Cat Who's Gone Viral for Refusing to Exercise

Cinderblock is like the rest of us resisting a workout.

a fat cat named Cinderblock has won the internet with her lazy workout

We've all been there. Your doctor tells you it's time you start taking exercise seriously, so you drag yourself to your local gym and go for a leisurely stroll on the treadmill. Maybe you get distracted by a text message, or the latest episode of This Is Us, and you take a break. But you're still physically at the gym, so it counts, right? Well, that's definitely the mentality of Cinderblock, a very chunky cat who's won over the internet courtesy of a hilarious video that shows her making as little effort as possible during her workout. There she is, pawing at the underwater treadmill and complaining at the humans who put her there the entire time.

According to CNN, the 25-pound feline was recently relinquished to the Northshore Veterinary Hospital in Bellingham, Washington, after her owner could no longer take care of her.

Cinderblock was supposed to be euthanized, but medical director and veterinarian Brita Kiffney couldn't bring herself to do it, so she decided to help the fat cat get back into shape. But Cinder has responded to any and all workout attempts with limited enthusiasm (and that's an understatement).

The veterinarians have resorted to spreading kibble around the floor just to get her to move at all.

Naturally, Cinderblock has captured the hearts of everyone on the internet.

Since she went viral over the weekend, Cinder's been helping to raise money for other animals in need through her GoFundMe.

And videos of her weight loss journey on the NorthShore Veterinary Hospital Instagram account suggest her mobility is slowly but surely improving.

After all, as cute as a fat cat can be, pet obesity is one of the leading causes of health issues for animals, so we wish Cinderblock the best with her "weight reduction program."

We're all rooting for you, Cinder! You got this 💪.

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