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Elizabeth Hurley Reveals Why She's Still Friends With Ex Hugh Grant

Here's their secret to becoming best friends after a long and tumultuous romantic relationship.

Nothing says you're still on good terms with your ex like making them the godparent of your child. So, yeah, Elizabeth Hurley and Hugh Grant are some friendly exes. Grant is godfather to Hurley's son, Damian Hurley, and Hurley is godmother to one of Grant's children. It speaks to the tight relationship they've kept up ever since they dated for 13 years from 1987 to 2000.

In a new interview with People's In the '90s podcast, Hurley explained how she and Grant have been able to maintain their friendship after having such a long—sometimes scandalous—romantic history. Read on to see what their secret is and to learn more about their current relationship.

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Hurley shared the key to remaining friends with an ex. 

Hugh Grant and Elizabeth Hurley at the premiere of "Permanent Midnight" in 1998
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"I'm still extremely good friends with Hugh," Hurley said on the podcast. She then explained that respecting each others' new lives post-split is the key to being able to remain close. "You know, we went through so much together," she said. "But I've been thinking, one of the most important things to keep good relations with your exes is to have a lot of respect for their current life."

The 55-year-old actor continued, "We're always very aware that there are other people in our lives. There's partners, there's children. You can't just, sort of, live in a lovely, rosy, mist of the past. You have to move with the times and be very respectful of the present, which we are."

Hurley and Grant both moved on to new relationships.

Arun Nayar and Elizabeth Hurley in New York City in 2009
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Like Hurley said, both she and Grant went onto other relationships after being with each other, and they both had children. Hurley welcomed her son Damian with Steve Bing in 2002 and named Grant and Elton John the very famous godfathers. She then went on to be married to Arun Nayar (above) from 2007 to 2011. As for Grant, he has two children with his ex Tinglan Hong and three children with his current wife Anna Eberstein. Hurley is the godmother to one of his children.

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Hurley says she and Grant still speak all the time.

Hugh Grant and Elizabeth Hurley at the Environmental Media Awards in 1997
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In a 2016 interview with Us Weekly, Hurley shared that she and Grant are rarely out of touch. "We met on a movie 29 years ago and he's still my best friend today and I still speak to him every day," Hurley said, referencing their 1988 movie Rowing with the Wind. "That was the best costar I've ever had, for sure."

Similarly, in at 2020 interview with People, Hurley said that they talk all the time and that they go to each other for professional feedback. "I still go to him for advice on scripts, even though he's very happily married with five children and I'm very happy in my own life, there's still certain bits we crossover with very well," she said. "And asking advice about work, he's still my go-to person."

Grant has called Hurley his "best friend."

Hugh Grant and Elizabeth Hurley at the 1997 Cannes Film Festival
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Grant got honest about his relationship with Hurley during a game of Plead the Fifth on Watch What Happens Live in 2015. Asked by host Andy Cohen why their relationship didn't work out, Grant responded, "The funny thing is, it did. She's still my best friend. The sex bit probably fizzled out, but now she's my absolute best friend. Number one person I call in a crisis."

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