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See Dustin Hoffman's Son & Sissy Spacek's Daughter, Who Play Their Kids in New Movie

Jake Hoffman and Schuyler Fisk join their parents in the new rom-com Sam & Kate.

There are plenty of instances of actors' children joining them on screen, but this upcoming movie has that times two. In Sam & Kate (out Nov. 11), Dustin Hoffman's son and Sissy Spacek's daughter play the roles of their real parents' onscreen kids. Jake Hoffman, 41, co-stars as Sam, the son of Dustin's character, Bill. And Schuyler Fisk, 40, plays Kate, the daughter of Spacek's character, Tina. In the movie, all four characters have a chance meeting in their hometown, with the older and younger generation each falling for each other.

Read on to find out more about the family affair and about Jake and Fisk's careers so far.

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Both younger actors have worked with their parents before.

Schuyler Fisk and Sissy Spacek at 2018 CMT Artists of the Year
Rick Diamond/Getty Images for CMT

Sam & Kate isn't the first movie role for either younger actor—and it doesn't even mark the first time either has co-starred with their famous parent. Jake had small roles in his father's movies Rain Man, Hook, and I Heart Huckabees. In the 2010 movie Barney's Version, they played grandfather and grandson.

As for Spacek and Fisk, in the early '90s, they were both in the movies The Long Walk Home, Hard Promises, and Trading Mom. Fisk also played the younger version of her mom's character in the series Castle Rock in 2018.

They've each been acting for years.

Dustin and Jake Hoffman at WHO Cares About the Next Generation in 2016
FilmMagic/FilmMagic via Getty Images

Fisk and Jake have onscreen careers outside of the movies they've appeared in with their parents. Fisk can be seen in Snow Day, Orange County, and Restless. She's also a singer-songwriter who released albums in 2009 and 2011. Her music has appeared in episodes of the TV shows Hart of Dixie and One Tree Hill.

In addition to his working with his dad, Jake has been in the movies Click, The Wolf of Wall Street, and The Irishman, and recently appeared in the series Wu-Tang: An American Saga. He is also a director, helming both music videos and the 2014 movie Asthma.

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Both famous parents have opened up about their kids.

Jake Hoffman and Schuyler Fisk at Christian Dior launches D'TRICK in 2004
Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic via Getty Images

In a May interview with The Guardian, Spacek talked about Fisk and her younger daughter with husband Jack Fisk, Madison Fisk, being "doomed" to an artistic life, even though they grew up outside of Hollywood on a farm in Virginia. "My older daughter, Schuyler, is a great singer and my younger daughter, Madison, is a visual artist. I really sound like a mom now, don't I? Our daughters are doomed to the art life, I'm afraid," Spacek said.

Dustin has six children—two with his first wife, Anne Byrne, and four, including Jake, with his wife since 1980, Lisa Gottsegen. He said that he didn't push his kids to watch his films. "One thing I tried to do is never encourage my kids to see my work. There were no posters on the wall," he told Time in 2017. "I don't have a kid who's seen everything I've done. I don't want to belabor them in that way."

There's another family element to Sam & Kate.

In addition to Spacek and Fisk and the Hoffmans, there's another Hollywood family involved with Sam & Kate. The movie is written and directed by Darren Le Gallo and is executive produced by his wife, actor Amy Adams. It's the first feature film for Le Gallo, who is a painter.

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