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He Played Duncan MacLeod on "Highlander." See Adrian Paul Now at 63.

The actor starred in the '90s TV spinoff of the fantasy movie.

In 1992, audiences were treated to a TV spinoff to the 1986 fantasy film, Highlander. Highlander: The Series starred Adrian Paul as Duncan MacLeod, a new character and another member MacLeod clan. Paul found his way to acting by first getting into modeling, dancing, and choreography. In fact, his first role was playing a ballet dancer on the 1980s soap opera, The Colbys. He also appeared in Beauty and the Beast, Dark Shadows, and Murder, She Wrote and starred in a few music videos, including Duran Duran's "My Own Way" and Sheena Easton's "Days Like This." But it was his role as Duncan that made Paul a TV star, especially to die-hard Highlander fanatics.

The actor played the part across 15 years, over the course of six Highlander seasons and subsequent movies. Read on to find out what Paul has been up to since.

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He's still acting.

Adrian Paul in 1994
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Highlander: The Series ran from 1992 to 1998. Paul would return as Duncan in the 2000 theatrical release Highlander: Endgame and the 2007 TV movie, Highlander: The Source—neither of which were particularly well-received. He'd go on to act in dozens of movies, many international productions and either action or horror films. On TV, Paul has made appearances on shows including Charmed and Arrow. His most recent credits are the 2019 Russian sports biopic Wild League and a 2022 episode of the procedural S.W.A.T.

He can teach you how to sword fight.

Adrian Paul in 2000

As Highlander fans well know, Paul trained in sword fighting (and Hung Gar and Shaolin Kung Fu). He became such an expert, that he now teaches others. The actor founded the Sword Experience in 2016, and the school offers both online courses and in-person events. The site notes that he created the company "as a way to pass on some of the knowledge he learned while working with world-renowned action stars, stunt choreographers, and swordmasters."

Paul is there in person for these live events. Ahead of a 2021 Colorado stop, he told The Gazette that all are welcome. "Anybody can come. You're going to push yourselves," the actor said. He added that in addition to learning skills, attendees can use their imaginations and push their creativity. "Sword fighting is a fantasy," he explained. "I can swashbuckle like I'm in 18th-century France or wherever. People see it in film and think it's fun to do. There are a mixture of reasons people do it."

You can keep up with Paul's tour dates on his Instagram.

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He founded a charity and has a radio show.

Adrian Paul in 2016
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In 1997, Paul founded a charitable organization called The Peace Fund, which has a mission to "protect, educate, and aid children living in extraordinarily difficult circumstances." The actor co-hosts a two-hour radio show for the organization on Brigade Radio One. "From a variety of celebrities from the worlds of music, television, and film who've made it their missions to lend giving hands, to representatives from charities who are in the trenches fighting for children every day, to the kid heroes who are doing amazing things in their community, to ordinary people who've overcome extraordinary circumstances to make a difference in their local and global communities, the show's guests tackle issues and discussions that are sometimes tough, sometimes shocking, often heartwarming, but always honest and revealing," the official website reads.

He's a dad.

Adrian Paul in 2021
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From 1990 to 1997, the actor was married to Meilani Paul, a fellow actor who's appeared in movies including Submerged and Agent Red. In 2009, Paul tied the knot with Alexandra Tonelli, who appeared alongside him in Highlander: The Source. The couple are still together and share one daughter and two sons. Along with updates on his sword fighting expos, Paul shares intimate looks at their family life on his Instagram profile.

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