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CVS Shopper Calls Out Melatonin "Scam"

He compared prices while shopping in-store and found a discrepancy.

When it comes to sleep aids, many of us reach for melatonin at night. You may have a brand you always buy, and perhaps you gravitate toward capsules over gummies—but once you find a variety that works for you, melatonin is great to have on-hand when counting sheep just isn't cutting it. However, if you regularly buy your melatonin from CVS, one shopper warns that you could be paying more than you need to be. Read on to find out why he says certain melatonin products are a "scam."

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A TikToker did some quick math when picking up melatonin gummies.


Not me trying to do basic math lol, capitalism at its finest! These melatonin gummies slap tho #cvs #melatonin #scammeralert

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In a TikTok posted by entrepreneur Preston Konrad, who uses the handle @prestonkonrad, the shopper says he's "uncovered the biggest melatonin scam at CVS."

In the video, Konrad points to a bottle of strawberry-flavored Natrol-brand 5-milligram melatonin gummies, which are priced at $24.79, and a bottle of Natrol 10-milligram melatonin gummies, which are priced at $26.49.

Naturally, you might think the higher price is because you're paying for a stronger dose, but some simple math indicates that's not really the case.

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Konrad compared the serving sizes.

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Konrad goes on to examine the serving sizes for each bottle.

"On the 10-milligram, the serving size is two gummies, that means each one is 5 milligrams," he says. "Serving size on [the 5-milligram bottle] is one gummy, so each gummy is 5 milligrams. Am I wrong or is that the same?"

Konrad then consults someone off-camera, who reiterates that both packages contain 140 gummies.

"That's the exact same product, just marked up and re-marketed," Konrad says, while he and his companion note that you'll finish the bottle of 10-milligram gummies faster—and shell out an extra $3.

"This is a full scam," Konrad says, while also conceding that the Natrol variety are "the best melatonin gummies."

Best Life reached out to CVS for comment on the pricing structure, and will update the story when we hear back.

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Target has a similar pricing structure—but you can save at Walmart and Walgreens.

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This pricing model isn't unique to CVS, as Target also has different prices for Natrol 140-count melatonin gummies based on milligrams. At Target, for example, the 10-milligram gummies are slightly more expensive, priced at $16.39, while the 5-milligram gummies are $15.99.

However, if this still doesn't sit right with you, consider heading to Walmart or Walgreens. According to online prices for these retailers, either Natrol bottles will cost you the same amount.

At Walmart, the 10-milligram bottle and 5-milligram bottles (both with 140 gummies) are the same price: $16.24. At Walgreens, both bottles are still priced exactly the same (although higher than at Walmart): The 5-milligram and 10-milligram 140-count Natrol melatonin gummies are both $24.99.

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Some shoppers were shocked, while others said this isn't anything new.

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Some commenters on Konrad's video were shocked by the news, writing, "I just looked at mine, different brand, same thing!! Thanks for pointing out!"

Another added, "Not me with these in my nightstand. Thank you for your service sir!!"

However, others said they've already noticed similar situations while shopping, urging everyone to check the labels, serving size, and price per unit.

"I noticed this at CVS with CVS brand vitamin C! same sort of thing!" a comment reads.

"This is why you're supposed to read all the labels on every product," another added.

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