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The 5 Cutest Dog Breeds, According to Experts

These are the most adorable pups based on appearance, temperament, and more.

Getting a dog is a big decision. Do you go with a big or small breed? One that requires a lot of exercise or prefers to snooze all day? You may also consider their appearance, opting for a dog that you just can't fight the urge to snuggle or coo over. And that's exactly why we checked in with dog training experts and veterinarians to learn about the cutest dog breeds. Read on to find out if these dogs' adorable faces match their temperament and maintenance needs.

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pomeranian smiling at the camera
Shutterstock / Roman Zaiets

Pomeranians, known for their tiny bodies and big energy, are easily one of the cutest dog breeds.

"They look like tiny teddy bears with their puffy fur and curly tails," says Paola Cuevas, MVZ, veterinary consultant at Dogster. These pups also have fox-like faces and don't grow to be more than seven pounds.

Overall, pomms are low-maintenance dogs that are adaptable and intelligent. However, Cuevas notes that they need to be brushed often to avoid any matted fur, as they can go from a cute poof to a tangled mess quickly.

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Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Corgi dog on sofa.

As Shaina Denny, co-founder and CEO of Dogdrop, notes, Queen Elizabeth II was a long-time owner of Corgis, who were often featured with her in royal photos and paintings. Therefore, this breed has certainly gained popularity in recent years.

But it's not just their royal ties that make them desirable; they're also loved for their short stature and fluffy appearance.

"The Pembroke Corgi does not have a tail, so they typically wiggle their tushy (instead of a tail) when they are happy," says Denny. She adds that they have friendly and engaging personalities and are fairly low-maintenance dogs.

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sleeping chocolate labrador puppy photos of snoozing dogs

Outgoing and friendly, Labradors are one of America's most popular dog breeds.

"Their goofy personalities and silly stunts make them great family dogs (and cute too!)," says Julie Burgess, CPDT-KA, certified professional dog trainer at Senior Tail Waggers.

However, Burgess points out that, despite their cuteness, they are a high-maintenance breed. "These dogs will create their own mischief if they don't feel stimulated enough," she says. They also shed a lot and can grow to be up to 80 pounds depending on whether they're male or female, according to the American Kennel Club (AKC).

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chihuahua sitting in dog bed
Olena Tselykh / Shutterstock

Chihuahuas are yappy, which can be a smidge annoying, but it's their larger-than-life personalities that make them so cute.

"They are very interactive dogs and you can always feel their presence," says Yasmin El-Saie, dog anxiety expert and canine reiki practitioner. "Small dogs like Chihuahuas have small faces but big eyes and big ears; it's an almost cartoon-like definition of 'cute.'"

They're also quite small, so they can live in an apartment or accompany you in a carrier when you run your errands.

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German shorthaired pointer

German Shorthaired Pointer
Trina Huston Photography/Shutterstock

According to the AKC, German shorthaired pointers are enthusiastic dogs, known for their speed, agility, and endurance.

But Burgess says it's their large floppy ears and ability to "point" that make them adorable: "One of the most fascinating things about this breed is their ability to point at prey even though they haven't been formally taught."

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