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How to Clean Your Cooktop and Oven in Under 30 Minutes

These easy tips will have your oven and cooktop clean in 30 minutes.

If you dread cleaning your oven and cooktop, you're not alone. According to research, behind cleaning toilets, the most disliked household chore of all is cleaning the inside of an oven. However, tackling the not-so-popular household chore can be done easily and in under 30 minutes, says cleaning expert and founder of residential cleaning service ChirpChirp, Robin Murphy.

Oven Cleaning: Use a Pumice Stone

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The first method recommended by Murphy is using a pumice stone. "A pumice stone can scrape away grime without the need for chemicals or dwell time," she says. "It's important to be careful so you don't scratch the oven."

Oven Cleaning: Baking Soda and Vinegar

Baking soda homemade cleaner

Baking soda and vinegar, two of the most multi-tasking household products, can also be used. "Sprinkle baking soda over the bottom of the oven and then spray with vinegar. It will begin to foam. Wait 15 minutes and you can wipe away the grime," she suggests. 

Oven Cleaning: Heat-Assisted Cleaning

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You can also use heat from the oven to aid in your cleaning. "Warm up the oven on low heat for a few minutes to warm the oven and then turn it off. Use a scraper to remove the softened grime (but be careful not to burn yourself)," she says. 

Oven Cleaning: Ammonia Steam Hack

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If you have a non-self-cleaning oven, put a pot of boiling water on the bottom rack and a bowl of ammonia on the top rack. "Shut the oven door and let it sit for 10 minutes. The steam will help loosen the grease," says Murphy. 

Oven Cleaning: Dishwasher Detergent Paste

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Make a thick paste with water and dishwasher detergent, spreading it on the oven walls and letting it sit for 10-15 minutes before wiping it away with a wet cloth. "Dishwasher detergent is formulated to handle food residue in dishwashers and it works the same way in an oven," Murphy reveals. 

Oven Cleaning: Maintenance Clean After Each Use

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Once you clean your oven, make sure to maintain it clean. "After every use, quickly wipe down the inside of the oven and you will never have to deep clean it again!" she says. 

Cooktop Cleaning: Magic Eraser or Cleaning Cloth

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Use a magic eraser or cleaning cloth, dish soap and hot water — "dish soap is the best degreaser," says Murphy — and finish off with glass cleaner.

Cooktop Cleaning: Steam with a Hot Dish Towel

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Soak a dish towel in hot water, wring it out and lay it over a stovetop to cover all the dirty areas. "Let it sit for about 15 minutes to let the steam do its work and wipe away the grime," Murphy recommends. 

Cooktop Cleaning: Cooking Oil

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If there's a sticky spot left by a sugary spill or boil-over, apply a little cooking oil on a paper towel and let it sit on the sticky residue for a minute and wipe away, suggests Murphy.

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Cooktop Cleaning: Be Gentle

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Bottom line: Be gentle. Make sure not to do any abrasive scrubbing on your cooktop, or you will scratch it, warns Murphy.

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