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33 Affordable Stocking Stuffers for Everyone on Your Shopping List in 2019

These inexpensive stocking stuffers are sure to wow them on Christmas morning.

When shopping for great presents on Christmas, it can be easy to blow out your entire budget on the bigger wrapped items that end up under the tree. But putting a little effort into the small gifts that hang over the fireplace can help set the right tone for the rest of the morning gift-giving festivities—and it can all be done for less than you might think. We've come up with the best stocking stuffers that everyone on your shopping list will enjoy. And if you're still in search for something to stuff these incredible gifts into, check out these 15 Adorable Christmas Stockings You Can Buy on Amazon in 2019.

Best Life's editors have scoured the internet to bring you the best products out there, and we're hoping you'll love them as much as we do. Full disclosure: we may earn a commission for anything you purchase through links on this page, but that doesn't mean you'll pay more for them (we'd never do that to you!). Pricing and availability are accurate as of the piece's initial publication date, but it's the internet and we can't guarantee that these sweet, sweet deals will last forever, so scoop them up before someone else does!

This keychain multitool

silver keychain multitool on white background

Shopping for someone who hates to be caught unprepared? This small titanium multitool fits right onto a keychain and features flathead screwdrivers, a Philips head screwdriver, wire stripper, pry bar, bottle opener, and a lanyard hole. It's an incredibly practical gift they'll be able to use almost every day! And if you're looking for more present ideas for the people in your life who are less into gadgets and games, check out these 40 Perfect Holiday Gifts for People Over 40.

$8$5 at Amazon
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This refreshing lip balm

blue and white tube of lip balm

Cold winter tends to wreak havoc on sensitive skin like hands and lips. This lip balm comes to the rescue with a vitamin-rich blend of jojoba, pumpkin seed, and sea buckthorn oil that works to nourish and revitalize dry, chapped lips. It also protects from harmful UVA and UVB rays, thanks to an infusion of zinc oxide.

$9$6 at Anthropologie
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These durable socks

green and black socks on white background
Darn Tough

Warm, dependable socks do not get the respect they deserve when it comes to assembling a weather-appropriate winter outfit. This pair from Darn Tough is made of merino wool, which both warms and cools as needed. They even come with a lifetime guarantee! And if you're looking for other great presents that easily fit in a stocking, check out these 20 Gift Cards That Make Great Gifts in 2019.

$21 at Darn Tough
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This pocket knife

wood handled pocket knife

The problem with most pocket knives is that they're either too tiny to do much or too bulky to carry. This classic folding knife from Opinel, on the other hand, is not only perfectly sized, but it's also made of remarkably durable carbon steel and features a blade locking device. It's a great stocking stuffer for anyone in your life who's handy or obsessed with the outdoors.

$15 at Amazon
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This adjustable jump rope

black jump rope on white background

Stuffing the stocking of a fitness buff? This jump rope is amazingly durable and has an easily adjustable length, lightweight handles, tangle-resistant rope, and comfortable foam grips that make getting or staying in shape much a whole lot easier. And if you're looking for more great down-to-the-wire gifts online, check out these 27 Amazing Last-Minute Gifts You Can Buy on Amazon in 2019.

$7 at Amazon
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This facial moisturizer

bottle of green moisturizer on white background

Stocking stuffers are a great opportunity to help someone enjoy some fancier self-care products than they'd usually buy themselves. This all-natural face moisturizer and eye cream from Oars + Alps is a great 2-in-1 product, made with aloe leaf juice, Jojoba oil, and vitamin E that will deeply hydrate without leaving skin greasy. It's also alcohol-, paraben-, sulfate-, phthalate-, and cruelty-free!

$22 at Amazon
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This pocket-sized phone charger

black phone charging bank on white background

Even if the person you're shopping for has a backup phone battery, there's still a pretty good chance they could use at least two or three more in their arsenal. This charger is smaller than a candy bar and light enough to be carried around in a pocket while holding up to two full charges. The best part? It fills a battery almost twice as fast as traditional chargers.

$26$24 at Target
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This sleep aid patch

sleep patch on white background
The Good Patch

Slipping the gift of a good night's sleep in someone's stocking is something practically anyone can appreciate. This patch uses melatonin, hops, and valerian root to help its user achieve a deeper, more relaxed sleep. Just apply and get some shut-eye! And if you're looking for more great presents that fit into a tighter budget, check out these 30 Gifts So Amazing You Won't Believe They're Less Than $30.

$12 at The Good Patch
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This waiter's corkscrew

black and silver corkscrew on white background

Sure, the internet may be telling you that you need to spend $50 or more on a wine opener, but when was the last time you saw a sommelier break out a fancy contraption to pop a cork? This timeless bar instrument features everything they'll need to get the vino flowing, including a foil knife, corkscrew, and even a traditional bottle opener, all in an easy format that can fit in a pocket or purse!

$7$3 at Amazon
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This spinning phone grip

spinning phone grip
The Grommet

The hardest part of smartphones getting bigger is that our hands are staying the same size. Help someone on your list avoid spiderwebbing their screen for the 15th time this year with this convenient ring spinner, which can be used to get a more solid grip on that device or prop it up on a table for easy viewing. It can even be used as a fidget spinner to help calm their nerves! There's even a dedicated app with kaleidoscoping images and light effects to take the experience to the next level.

$13$10 at The Grommet
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These comfortable men's briefs

gray briefs with nametag print

Is there anyone out there who wouldn't appreciate giving their underwear drawer a little upgrade? These Saxx briefs not only feature superior construction for comfort, soft mesh materials to reduce chafing and increase breathability, and a flattering form-fitting shape, but they're also available in a ton of classic colors and playful prints.

$15 and up at Amazon
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This ramen cooker

microwave ramen cooker

Shopping for someone who either loves instant noodles or is such a bad cook they can barely manage to boil water? This instant ramen cooker takes an already super simple meal and makes it even easier: Just add noodles, half of the seasoning packet, fill with water to the fill line, and microwave for three minutes. It's also a great one-pot option for reheating leftovers or cooking instant oatmeal!

$12 at Amazon
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These beer socks

beer socks on white background
Uncommon goods

Most beer fanatics today are happy to literally wear their passions on their sleeves in the form of a brewery t-shirt collection. But what are they doing with their feet? These mid-calf cotton socks come available in lager, stout, and IPA colors—or a convenient three-pack—and are a fun way to add a little "hop" to their step.

$13 and up at Uncommon Goods
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These cool firming eye gels

skyn iceland eye patches

Shopping for someone who could use a little extra self-care time? These cool firming eye gels will de-puff and tone stressed-out skin under the eyes, restoring a well-rested and youthful look in just ten minutes. All they have to do is apply, lay back, and relax!

$32 at Amazon
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This durable flask

green flask on white background

There are plenty of products out there that make it easy to bring your wine or beer with you on the go while keeping it cool. But what about for those of us who like to have a nice spirit on hand? This Stanley lightweight flask can carry 8 oz. of their favorite scotch, mezcal, or bourbon while keeping it cool thanks to double-wall vacuum insulation. Your giftee will never have to hit the beach, pool, or hiking trail empty-handed ever again!

$25 at Stanley
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These rehydrating electrolyte packets

ultima electrolyte packets on white background

Naturally, the first step to staying hydrated is drinking plenty of fluids. But what if there was an easy way to get even more out of your water intake? Fortified with magnesium, potassium, and calcium, these electrolyte packets are a fantastic way to help someone on your list replenish after a hard workout, a lengthy stretch of travel, or just a long day. This pack comes with an assortment of naturally flavored powder packets that are super easy to take on the go for the gym, office, or a carry-on bag.

$30$20 at Amazon
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This phone cleaner

white hand holding hans phone cleaner

They may be great at keeping us connected, taking photos, and distracting us with games, but there's no denying it: Even on a good day, most smartphones are positively filthy, and wiping a smudgy screen off on your pant leg doesn't exactly do much in the way of disinfection. Luckily, this refillable cleaning device comes with both a wet solution and a dry cleaning wipe that will leave their phone sparkling clean and looking brand new.

$15 at Amazon
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This collapsible metal straw

collapsible metal straw

Looking for an eco-friendly gift that keeps on giving? Final Straw is a great stocking stuffer with a purpose: Fully collapsible with a convenient carrying case and telescoping cleaning brush, this titanium and silicone straw will make environmentally harmful single-use plastic a thing of the past for anyone who has it clipped to their keychain.

$25 at Amazon
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This flight-ready cocktail kit

four small boxes of cocktail mix on white background
The Cocktail Box Co.

Sometimes the best way to unwind on a long flight is with a nice cocktail. Unfortunately, it's been a while since the major airlines have stocked the ingredients needed to make much more than a white wine spritzer. Luckily, these handy cocktail kits are an easy way to help your giftee make their  favorite adult beverage on the go, complete with all of the mix-in ingredients they need to make a champagne cocktail, Old Fashioned, Moscow Mule, or gin and tonic. Just add spirits, mix, and enjoy!

$24 at The Cocktail Box Co.
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This easy-to-locate Air Pod case

red airpod case

The invention of tiny wireless headphones has made making hands-free phone calls and listening to music a much easier experience. Unfortunately, it's also made losing those very expensive headphones much easier, too! This Trackeroo system can help its recipient keep tabs on their hardware, with a pouch dedicated to a Tile tracking device. They'll never have to turn the house upside down in a frenzy again!

$10 at Amazon
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This insulated can holder

insulated yeti can holder

Cracking a canned cold beverage on a hot day can be refreshing, but without a little help, that refreshment can be pretty short-lived. This Yeti insulated can holster is the perfect gift to solve that problem, with double-wall vacuum insulation that will keep their chilled drink chilly—and keep their hand warm and condensation-free.

$25 at Amazon
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This L-O-L surprise doll

lol surprise doll

Face it: Half the fun of opening presents is the surprise. This L.O.L. Surprise! Doll is a perfect stocking stuffer for any young one on your shopping list—and the anticipation makes the unboxing nearly as much fun as the hours of playtime they'll get out of it! Each includes one of eight randomized sets of dolls and accessories, including tradable outfits and glitter hair.

$11$10 at Walmart
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This phone or tablet stand

phones and tablets in wood stands

Turning your phone or tablet into a replacement for your alarm clock or using it as a makeshift home theater is pretty tough when your device is lying flight on the table. This simple bamboo stand makes it easy for your recipient to keep their screen upright and visible—it even comes with a cable runner notch to cut down on clutter!

$4 at Ikea
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This stress-relieving putty

three jars of colorful putty
Uncommon Goods

With the surge in popularity of fidget spinners and adult coloring books, it's pretty clear that hands-on stress relief products can be a much-needed escape for countless people. These colorful putties were inspired by the kind art therapists use to help patients manage depression, anxiety, and difficult emotions. They've also got essential oils for an aromatherapy boost, including lavender for calm, peppermint to increase energy and awareness, and orange to improve mood.

$15 at Uncommon Goods
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These language playing cards

language cards
Uncommon Goods

Playing a card game is a great way to pass the time. But what if you could also learn something while you finish up your game of Go Fish? This helpful deck is printed with essential phrases in Spanish, French, Italian, or Japanese that teach with every deal of the cards. If your giftee deals you in, you may even walk away knowing how to say "great stocking stuffer" in Italian!

$12 at Uncommon Goods
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These silicone ear plugs

vibes hi-fi ear plugs

Traditional earplugs may be great for protecting you from long-term damage or getting to sleep with noisy surroundings, but they can ruin a concert-going experience by muffling out all of the best parts of the music. Luckily, these Vibes in-ear plugs were designed to both protect eardrums by filtering out specific frequencies without affecting sound fidelity. They're the perfect stocking stuffer for any perennial Coachella attendee—or even just someone who still pushes their own lawnmower or attends a lot of loud fitness classes.

$24 at Amazon
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This minimalist wallet

black wallet

Have someone on your shopping list who is hopelessly stuck with an overstuffed George Costanza-style wallet? Made of genuine leather and complete with RFID-blocking technology to keep its user's identity and information safe, this minimalist wallet from Buffway is a great way to streamline their everyday essentials. It's a perfect unisex option for the person in your life who needs to declutter!

$13$10 at Amazon
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This hand salve

kiehl's hand salve
Nordstrom Rack

When it comes to harsh effects of cold winter weather, there are very few parts of the body that suffer quite as much as the delicate skin on our hands. This top-of-the-line salve from beloved cosmetic company Kiehl's is the perfect defense against cracked knuckles and flaky fingers, featuring an ingredient blend that allows skin to actually draw and absorb water from the air and form a protective barrier against moisture loss.

$16 at Nordstrom Rack
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This pocket journal

moleskine journal

Having a pen and paper on hand at all times may not feel as important as it used to, but when it's a high-quality pocket journal from popular notebook producer Moleskine, hand-writing notes just feels better. This small booklet features perforated, easily-detachable pages, and makes for a great travel journal or to-do list organizer.

$5 at Amazon
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This flavor infuser water bottle

infuser bottle with fruit
Uncommon Goods

We all know how important it is to keep hydrated. Why not give someone on your Christmas list the ability to take their water up a notch by flavoring it with their favorite fruits and herbs? This bottle makes it easy to keep their at-hand beverage tasting as fresh as spa water: All they have to do is add lemon, cucumber, mint, strawberry, blueberry, or any of their favorite ingredients, fill with water, and enjoy!

$15 at Uncommon Goods
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This dinosaur LEGO set

dinosaur lego set

Small toys can make for great stocking stuffers for the young ones on your list, and this LEGO set is the perfect way to make sure they'll be opening something they'll actually play with—not just another knickknack that gets cast aside by Boxing Day. This genius dinosaur  set can transform into three different styles of beast, including a T-Rex, triceratops, and pterodactyl. And at just $12, it's an affordable gift that's still sure to wow!

$12 at Amazon
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This satin eye mask

pink satin eye mask
Urban Outfitters

Sure, a gift certificate to the spa can fit in a stocking, but why not give them a relaxing gift they can use all year? This ultra-soft eye mask is made of satin charmeuse that completely blocks light, allowing for a deep, restful sleep that will leave anyone who uses it feeling rejuvenated in the morning.

$14 at Urban Outfitters
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These gummy fruit snacks

welch's gummy fruit snacks

No matter what else gets packed in, there's nothing quite like getting some sweets in your stocking! Made with real fruit ingredients and no preservatives, these holiday-themed gummy snacks are a great alternative to typical holiday sweets—and they're an absolute bargain at just $1.

$1 at Target
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