The World’s Best Wine Clubs

These expert subscription services will keep every dinner party and nightcap on point.

The World’s Best Wine Clubs

Gold Medal Wine Club

What it is: This California-based club, run by a professional wine judge, concentrates on indie and family-own wineries.
What it costs: $19-$80 per month
What you get: There are six membership levels: You can choose reds, a mix of red and whites, only pinots, the number of bottles you’d like to receive, and wines above a certain rating.

Les Marchands Wine Club

What it is: This Santa Barbara-based winery is run by a born-and-bred California winery native.
What it costs: The Daily Drinkers Club costs $49 a month; the SBC option is $80; the Grand Cru costs $249.
What you get: Daily Drinkers gets you two mystery wines that could be local Californians or foreign, SBC is two monthly wines from Santa Barbara County, and the Grand Cru gets you two top-quality bottles of Burgundy.

International Wine of the Month Club

What it is: This 24-year-old operation employs a rigorous testing process: Recommended wines are approved by a few experts, then a tasting panel of 30 to 40.
What it costs: $34.95 to $69.95 per month, plus shipping
What you get: Two bottles of wine a month, customized by red or white preference and categorized by rarity.

Somm Select

What it is: Ian Cauble, 35-year-old master sommelier — it’s an actual official designation that only 219 people have earned — and star of the documentary SOMM.
What it costs: $199/month
What you get: One of two packages that put you entirely in an expert’s hands: Blind Six (a selection of three reds and whites that come wrapped in black paper, with judging instructions, so you can play real-life sommelier at home or with a party) or SOMM Six (a randomly curated mix of reds, whites and rosés).

Le Metro

What it is: A collective of hipster wine enthusiasts/purists, writers and artists based in San Diego.
What it costs: $195/month
What you get: Six wines arranged around a theme, such as rosé or “Lure of the Loire.”

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