6 Great Personal Finance Apps for 2016

Stay ahead of your budgets, investing, expense reports — and fun stuff too — with these efficient apps.


Mint App

Good for: A broad-overview starting point
The king of personal-finance apps, Mint tracks all of your spending, giving you an at-a-glance look of your bank accounts, credit card balances and retirement plans. You can input budgets for spending categories, and you'll get an email when you go over. This app is the place to start; layer in the others to kick your savings and investment performance to the next level. [Free. Apple, Android, Amazon]


Digit App

Good for: Auto-saving small amounts, treating yourself
If you have the big stuff like your 401(k) sorted out, but need help socking away small amounts for emergencies, car repairs or, more optimistically, that Breitlinger watch or next summer's vacation, Digit is designed to help. It tracks your spending for a period, then withdraws a small amount it figures you won't miss from your checking account every few days; depending on your income, you can discover hundreds of dollars set aside each month. [Free. Web-based at digit.co]

Level Money

Level Money App

Good for: Limiting your day-to-day spending
One of the top tips for controlling your spending is to pay cash for everything, but that's impractical. Level is the next best thing: By analyzing your income and spending, it tells you how much you can afford to spend each day, week and month. You can customize what's tracked by category. [Free. Apple, Android]

Personal Capital

Personal Capital App

Good for: Tracking investments
Pour in your investment accounts, and Personal Capital can track each one's performance over time and compare it to the performance of major indices, helping you weed out underperformers and be vigilant about rebalancing your portfolio. [Free. Apple, Android]


Prism App

Good for: Organized, one-stop bill payment
Even if you've already savvy about using digital finance tools, your bill-payment schedule can seem scattered. Prism centralizes all of your bank accounts and bills in a clean and clear interface, organizing due dates on a calendar. You get reminders as each approaches and can pay everything directly from the app, using whichever funding source you choose. [Free. Apple, Android, Windows]


Expensify App

Good for: Your expense account, tax deductions
Eliminate your chronic anxiety about saving receipts from client dinners and travel expenses with this app, which scans your receipts and immediately organizes them into reports. Even cooler: If you lose a receipt, you can import a credit card transaction and it'll create an IRS-accepted receipt for anything less than $75. [Free. Apple, Android]

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