30 Things You Should Always Buy on Black Friday

Sure, the day is full of good deals. But here are great deals.

30 Things You Should Always Buy on Black Friday

People tend to fall into one of two camps when it comes to Black Friday: those who'd prefer to spend a leisurely Thanksgiving break at home and those who are setting up camp outside their favorite store the second the plates have been cleared. For those who number among the latter group, there's nothing quite like scoring an amazing Black Friday deal.

However, when it comes to those savings advertised at your local retailer, not all deals are on equal footing. In fact, while data from WalletHub reveals that 85.7 percent of merchandise studied was likely to get reduced in price on Black Friday, 4.2 percent of products had no significant price change, and a shocking 10.1 percent of products were likely to be more expensive on Black Friday than on a traditional shopping day. So, before you splurge on some Black Friday merchandise, make sure you're not falling for deceptive marketing and not-so-stellar sales. Armed with our list of 30 things you should always buy on Black Friday, you're bound to get the best deal every time.


jealous wife

If you're looking to upgrade your TV, you'd be wise to wait until Black Friday to do so. "If you see a good deal on TVs (OLED and 4Ks are hot), pick them up immediately," recommends Sara Skirboll, a shopping and trends expert for Retail Me Not.


Woman Using Smartphone Voice Assistant

That new smartphone you've been dying to get your hands on will likely be a whole lot cheaper on Black Friday than in the weeks or months before. "If you're ready for an upgrade, you're in luck. Carriers, phone manufacturers and big-box retailers alike compete for market share on Black Friday. The newest models will likely come with gift cards (or be free with trade-in)," says Sarah Hollenbeck, a shopping and retail expert with BlackFriday.com. "And with iPhones and the Google Pixel 3 out, older models and less-popular brands will be thirsty for business."


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Looking for a laptop or desktop to replace your old model? A Black Friday sale is likely to yield the best deals. "Sales on [computers] tend to sprout up all Thanksgiving weekend long and into Cyber Monday," says Hollenbeck. "You'll find deals on pricier versions as well as budget models. The range of products on sale will be better than you'll find at almost any other time of the year. Whether affordable stocking-stuffer tablets or a high-end laptop is on your list, Black Friday is the day to buy."


coffee maker

Upgrading your kitchen is easier—and cheaper—than ever, if you hit up Black Friday sales, so go ahead and grab that new Keurig or Nespresso machine at your local big box store. "Appliances are one of the best things to buy on Black Friday," says Skirboll, who specifically highlights coffeemakers as among the best Black Friday deals out there.

Slow cookers

Food in the slow cooker.

That slow cooker you've had your eye on all year is likely to see a major price drop on Black Friday. Similar to other small kitchen electronics, Skirboll says that slow cookers tend to be heavily discounted by the time Black Friday rolls around, so grab one before it's time to prepare your upcoming holiday meal.

Computer accessories

Man clicking on a mouse by the computer.

If you're buying a new computer this Black Friday, go ahead and grab some accessories to go with it. Not only will many stores offer computer bundles including accessories like an external hard drive or a mouse included with the price of your computer, some retailers slash the price on these items all by themselves. In fact, consumer electronics are an average of 26 percent cheaper on Black Friday, as per WalletHub's data.


dishwasher dishes silverware plates

Turning your kitchen into the Ina Garten–worthy oasis you've always dreamed of is cheaper than ever this Black Friday. Case in point: at Sears, shoppers can get a Kenmore Elite 14815 24" Built-In Dishwasher with Micro Clean Filtration for just $900—a whole $450 off list price.


Blender in Kitchen

That Vitamix you've had your eye on for months will be cheaper than ever this Black Friday. From November 16th through December 31st, fans of the brand can enjoy $50 to $100 off new machines, while on Black Friday itself, reconditioned models will be selling for just $299.95, $200 off their normal price.

Pots and pans

Frying Pan Pan Handle

If you need some new cooking tools before the next holiday dinner rolls around, Black Friday is the time to buy. At Kohl's, you can save $73 on a Rachael Ray Cucina 12-piece Hard-Anodized Nonstick Cookwear Set, while at Macy's, a Belgique Copper Translucent 11-Piece Cookwear Set is on sale for $170, $30 off list price.


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Whether you're buying them for yourself or as a gift for the sneakerhead in your life, Black Friday is the best time to stock up on new kicks. "Blame it on slow sales in September and October, but sneakers tend to take a price dive in November, making them one of the best things to buy during Black Friday," says Skirboll. "Retailers are likely to apply a widespread 20 to 30 percent reduction on full-price styles—so shop away!"

Designer handbags

dressing well 50s

That pricey designer accessory you've been eyeing all year might just be at its most affordable—relatively speaking, of course—on Black Friday. "Whether a nice bag will be a gift for a loved one or a gift for yourself, this is one of the best times to purchase!" says Skirboll. "In the past, the most common reduction bracket for Black Friday was 30 to 40 percent off. Shoppers even scored an average of 34 percent off top brands like Stella McCartney."

Winter clothing

Things You Should Always Do at a Fancy Restaurant

While it may already be a bit chilly by the time Black Friday rolls around, if you can wait until then to buy your winter gear, you'll save big. "Puffers and quilted jackets are a favorite on-sale outerwear essential to keep in mind for big discounts," says Skirboll. "Retailers increased the number of these products they stock by 18.7 percent this year, and so far, discounting and sellouts are behind on last year. This means prices will drop dramatically on Black Friday to help retailers clear out overstock."


old man tablet

Whether you're in the market for a Kindle, an iPad, or Samsung Galaxy, Black Friday is the best time to buy your preferred Tablet. "Electronics are going to be heavily discounted—some up to 40 percent—which means people will start shopping super early," says Skirboll. Just make sure you know exactly which model you're looking for before you hit the stores. "Electronics will sell out the fastest on Black Friday weekend," she cautions.

Gaming systems

new gaming system Never Buy

Black Friday might as well be a national holiday for gamers, considering how much the average video game system gets discounted.

"Gaming console prices drop in price on Black Friday because they are sought-after holiday gifts," says Hollenbeck. "Last year, Kohl's and Target, for example, had the Xbox One S on sale for $189.99 (marked down from $279.99), as well as the PlayStation 4 on sale for $199.99 (marked down from $299.99). This year may look different, since last year's high-demand, hottest gaming systems (the Xbox One X and Nintendo Switch) are a year older with no new major console releases. So, we may see discounts on these systems that we didn't see last year."

Fitness trackers

things you should buy on black friday

Get a jumpstart on your New Year's resolutions this year by picking up a fitness tracker on Black Friday. Your waistline and your wallet will thank you. "Everything from your basic Fitbit Flex to your high-end smartwatch will be on sale at big-box stores, including Target, Best Buy, and Kohl's," says Hollenbeck.

Apple Watches

gifts for your husband

If you're in the market for a smartwatch, Black Friday is the best time to buy, especially if getting the latest model isn't absolutely essential. "In general, if you're willing to get a previous-generation model, you're positioning yourself for significant savings. For example, if you don't need the Apple Watch Series 3, scope out deals on the Series 1," says Hollenbeck.


man listening to music on headphones outside in front of a brick wall

Looking for a new pair of headphones? Scope out the right Black Friday sales and you can find high-end ones for the price of more disposable pairs. For example, at Newegg, a pair of KEF Porsche Design SPACE One Over-Ear Noise Canceling Headphones will run just $100 on Black Friday, a discount of $569.

Exercise equipment

People running on the treadmill at the gym.

Take the first step toward a fitter you this Black Friday by stocking up on the wealth of discounted exercise equipment available at your local retailer. At Academy Sports + Outdoors, a set of CAP Barbell 300-lb Olympic Grip Weights will cost just $140, $259 off their MSRP, while the same store will be selling a ProForm 505 CST Treadmill for $400, $210 off list price.


Tool Kit Best Birthday Gifts for Your Husband

If those home improvement projects can wait, it might be worth saving them until after Black Friday is over. Tools are among the most discounted items on Black Friday—at Ace Hardware, a Craftsman 3/8 in. x ¼ and 3/8 in. Drive Metric and SAE 6 and 12 Point Mechanic's Tool Set will be just $50—nearly half off its normal price of $97.

Ride-On Toys

things you should buy on black friday

Since playing on ride-on toys is typically a warmer weather activity (those Powerwheels weren't meant for off-roading, after all), retailers will offer major Black Friday discounts. At Walmart, a Minnie Convertible 6V Ride-On will cost just $98 on Black Friday, $80 less than you'd get it for the rest of the year, while a 24V Disney Princess Carriage Ride On will run you $425, or $127 off list price.


step ladder

While you may want to wait a few months until the ground thaws to use your new ladder, buying it on Black Friday is still your best bet. At Ace Hardware, a 20-ft. x 17.75 in. W Fiberglass Extension Ladder will go on sale for just $246, or $120 off its normal retail price.

Video games

man playing video games

Don't just grab a gaming system this Black Friday—get some games to go with it, too. While many stores will offer video games bundled with consoles for an additional discount, many games will be on sale on their own, as well. Head to Best Buy and you'll save $24 on WWE 2K19 for Xbox One, bringing the price to just $30.


black friday deals

Since gardening tends to be a hobby attempted in fairer weather, few stores are selling out of sheds as winter approaches. However, their loss is your gain, as outbuildings, like sheds and storage containers, tend to be steeply discounted on Black Friday. In fact, head over to Sam's Club and you can get a Lifetime 20' x 8' Outdoor Storage Shed Building for $1,999, a savings of $1,001.


things you should buy on black friday

Bibliophiles, rejoice! While they're not as heavily-promoted as electronics deals, books are among the most heavily-discounted items on Black Friday. According to WalletHub, books, movies, and music are discounted up to 48 percent more on Black Friday, so go ahead and stock that library.


Kitchen pro housekeeping tips

If you can hold off until Black Friday to buy that vacuum you've been eyeing, you'll save yourself a huge amount of cash. At Target, Shark Navigator and ION Robot models will be discounted $109 and $80, respectively, while at Costco, a Dyson Ball Animal+ Upright Vacuum will cost just $240 instead of its typical $341 price tag. And when you want to get your house spotless, stock up on these 20 Products That Make Cleaning So Much Easier.


Woman loading the washing machine with laundry

It's not just small electronics that have big price drops on Black Friday. If you're looking to upgrade larger appliances, like your washer and dryer, there's no better time to do so. If you head over to Sears, for example, a Kenmore Elite 81962 9.0 cu. Ft. Electric Dryer will cost you just $900 on Black Friday, saving you a staggering $460.


Wireless router

If you're already upgrading your computer this Black Friday, why not upgrade your modem as well? Tech accessories will be steeply discounted at countless stores, including Walmart, where you can snag a NETGEAR Nighthawk AC2600 Smart WiFi Router for just $99, or $209 off the device's list price.

Office furniture

things you should buy on black friday

While home furniture doesn't tend to have the greatest deals on Black Friday, office furniture is another story. At Office Depot and OfficeMax, you can get a Realspace Tresswell Bonded Leather High-Back Chair for just $80, a savings of $118.


fridges discounts woman opening

There's no better time to swap out that dated fridge for a new model than Black Friday. At Best Buy, an LG 23.5 Cu. Ft French InstaView Door-in-Door Counter-Depth Smart Wi-Fi Enabled Refrigerator in black stainless steel will cost just $3,000, leaving you with an extra $1,199 in your pocket.

Christmas decorations

Christmas Eve traditions

If you're waiting until the last minute to put up those Christmas decorations, you might just save yourself some serious money by doing so. At Big Lots, a 54-inch Airblown Inflatable Christmas Puppy will cost just $40 on Black Friday, as opposed to its traditional price of $60, and at Kmart, a 6' Peninsula Pine Christmas Tree will run you just $15—that's $40 off list price.

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