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Your Bed Bath & Beyond Coupons Are Now Expired—Here's Where You Can Still Use Them

Don't starting tossing your stash in the trash just yet.

Bed Bath & Beyond is on the brink of extinction. After months of financial uncertainty and continuous store closures, the once-beloved retailer has finally filed for bankruptcy. As a result, loyal Bed Bath & Beyond customers only have a few more months to shop at the chain's remaining stores before the company goes out of business altogether. Unfortunately, they won't be able to use their remaining Bed Bath & Beyond coupons during these trips—but don't toss out your stash just yet. Other popular retailers have just announced plans to accept these now expired coupons. Read on to find out exactly where you can still use yours in order to save money while shopping.

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Bed Bath & Beyond is no longer accepting coupons from customers.

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After filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on April 23, Bed Bath & Beyond is now in the process of shutting down its entire business. "Thank you to all of our loyal customers. We have made the difficult decision to begin winding down our operations," the retailer wrote in a statement posted to its website.

In order to sell its remaining inventory, the company's last 360 Bed Bath & Beyond and 120 buybuy Baby stores are still currently open for customers. But if you were planning to take your stash of the retailer's famous 20 percent-off coupons with you for these final days of shopping, think again. As of April 26, Bed Bath & Beyond has stopped accepting them.

"Customers can no longer redeem coupons," the retailer states on its website in an FAQ section about its bankruptcy filing. A spokesperson for Bed Bath & Beyond confirmed to Best Life that none of its stores in the U.S. are accepting coupons anymore.

But you can now use them at other retailers.

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Don't throw away your expired coupons just yet, however. While Bed Bath & Beyond has decided to stop accepting its iconic coupons, other major retailers are now choosing to pick up the slack. In an April 27 press release, Big Lots announced that it has started to honor the expired Bed Bath & Beyond coupons at its stores. According to the discount retailer, this new offer is meant to assist shoppers nationwide following Bed Bath & Beyond's decision to discontinue the use of them at their own stores.

"At Big Lots, our mission is to help people live big and save lots, which means we're always thinking of ways to step up and deliver even more value to consumers," Bruce Thorn, president and CEO of Big Lots, said in a statement. "For anyone who has missed their last opportunity to redeem one of these coupons, Big Lots is opening our doors to help you save on your entire purchase. This special offer can be used to purchase an assortment of great items for your home, such as bedding and bath accessories, furniture, décor and more."

But this move isn't unique to Big Lots it seems. Despite not naming the closing retailer explicitly, The Container Store indicated that it has started to accept the expired Bed Bath & Beyond coupons in an April 26 press release. The company said that "considering recently announced retailer closings," it will offer a discount to customers "who bring a competitor's blue coupon to any store location."

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Both chains will only take the expired coupons for a limited time.

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Don't wait to take advantage of these new offering because your expired Bed Bath & Beyond coupons will expire eventually. Both Big Lots and The Container Store are only accepting their former competitor's vouchers for a limited time. For Big Lots, shoppers can exchange them at any store through May 7. "Any shopper presenting any Bed Bath & Beyond coupon will receive 20 percent off their entire purchase of $50 or more," the retailer explained in its release.

The Container Store's exchange is set to last just a little longer than Big Lots, on the other hand. When a customer brings in an expired Bed Bath & Beyond coupon, this retailer said it will offer them a "20 percent discount off any single item" through May 31.

Bed Bath & Beyond is offering customers the chance to save in other ways.

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As explained in the Chapter 11 filing, Bed Bath & Beyond expects to close its remaining 475 brick-and-mortar stores for good by June 30. But while you won't be able to use your 20 percent-off coupons at the retailer's stores during these last few months, there will be other ways for you to save. According to Bed Bath & Beyond's Chapter 11 FAQ, its store closing sales will offer "deep discounts" for shoppers.

These closing sales started across the company's store fleet on April 26. "We encourage customers to come shop for your favorite products while merchandise selection is best," Bed Bath & Beyond says on its website. But be careful when deciding what to buy because you won't be able to return any of these discounted products. "All purchases during our store closing sales will be 'as is' and final sale," the retailer warns on its website.

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