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Forever Young

28 Celebs Who Are Older Than You Thought

These stars probably still get carded.
Extra Cheese

The 20 Funniest Dad Jokes From Reddit

How do you marry a farm girl? First a tractor.
Family Album

Katie Holmes Shares Rare Photos of Suri

Her daughter with ex Tom Cruise just turned 15!
Safe for Work

The 27 Most Relatable Wholesome Memes

The internet isn't all bad.
Tip Well

A Hotel Restaurant Server Is Ranking Celebs

On how nice they were when they came in.
In-Flight Entertainment

A Flight Attendant Is Ranking Celebs

Based on how they behave while they travel.
A Moment in Time

Jennifer Aniston's Most '90s Red Carpet Looks

These photos will take you way back.
Red Carpet Yearbook

Jennifer Aniston's Hollywood History in Photos

Happy 52nd birthday to this iconic star!
Nice Trip

This Is Oprah's Most Embarrassing Moment Ever

It involves the legendary Diana Ross.
Hollywood Rewind

See Elijah Wood's First Talk Show Interview

The former child star turns 40 today.
Inherited Faith

Celebs Who Were Raised as Scientologists

"It's a personal thing."
Nitpicking the '90s

The "Friends" Mistake You Never Noticed

Hey, that's not Jennifer Aniston.
Staying Humble

Jennifer Aniston's Most Embarrassing Moment

It involves one of her famous exes.
Sitcom Snafu

You Never Noticed This Major "Office" Mistake

But you won't be able to un-see it.
Loud and Proud

The Most Outspoken Celebrity Scientologists

"The controversy is boring."
To the Max

20 Slang Terms Every 1980s Kid Will Remember

It's about time these phrases expired.
Dazed and Confused

20 Slang Terms Every 1970s Kid Will Remember

You couldn't forget them if you tried.
Kids' Choice

The Biggest '90s Child Actors, Then and Now

There <em>is</em> life after child stardom.
Honorable Mentions

Veteran's Day Quotes That Show Thanks to Our Military

Famous words from history honor these American heroes.
Voice of Truth

The "Jeopardy!" Contestant Alex Trebek Hated

One thing always annoyed the beloved host.
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