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Private Lives

Rock Hudson's Marriage Was Planned by Agent

To keep his sexuality a secret.
No Chemistry

"Seinfeld" Guest Star Was "Impossible"

Jason Alexander admitted that they didn't gel.
Forever Young

Tom Cruise Plays Hide-And-Seek With Guests

Leah Remini wrote about the strange dinner party.
Rollicking Romance

Ava Gardner Thought She Killed Howard Hughes

In one of their famously intense arguments.
On Cue

Michael Douglas Yelled at Child Star

His "Fatal Attraction" daughter forgives him.
Private Lives

How Anthony Perkins "Betrayed" Tab Hunter

The two closeted stars dated in secret.
Fashion Feud

Inside Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell's Feud

The models clashed hard when they first met.
Another Look

6 Thrillers Offensive by Today's Standards

They haven't aged well.
Bad Blood

Cher Called Madonna a "Spoiled Brat"

The pop stars have been in a feud for decades.
On-Set Romance

Meg Ryan on Russell Crowe Affair

She says it didn't split her and Dennis Quaid up.
Audience Outcry

8 Movies That Faced Audience Boycotts

And why they were so controversial.
Veronica Sawyer

Winona Was Told She Wasn't "Pretty Enough"

A casting director told her to quit acting.
New Roomie

Why Elle Macpherson Regrets "Friends" Role

It's not for the reason you might think.
Married in a Fever

Celeb Marriages That Didn't Last a Year

Some didn't even make it a month.
Alter Ego

Miley Says Disney Role led to "Body Dysmorphia"

Playing Hannah Montana was confusing for her.
Not Welcome

Why Madonna Was Banned From a Theater Chain

She disturbed other audience members doing this.
Meant to Be

How Claire Danes Decided to Marry Hugh Dancy

A one-night stand was involved.
No Holding Back

Brian Cox Calls Steve Seagal "Ludicrous"

He slams his old co-star in his memoir.
Eager Elopement

Cindy Crawford Gave Richard Gere an "Ultimatum"

He admitted that it's why they got married.
Back to School

Michelle Pfeiffer "Hated" Being in "Grease 2"

"[I] could not believe how bad it was."