Alexander Skarsgård Wins Big at the Emmys. His Mustache? Not So Much.

The news of his facial hair nearly out-shined his big night.

On Sunday night, Alexander Skarsgård won a well-deserved Emmy for outstanding supporting actor in a limited series or movie, for his nuanced portrayal of a wife-beating husband in HBO's Big Little Lies.

The first-time Emmy winner graciously thanked his co-stars, Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon, and Laura Dern (who also won an award for her role in the series), for "making this boy feel like one of the girls."

While his tribute to the "ladies" of the show and all of the "incredible women" in his life was a surefire win, that wasn't what took center stage that night. Sadly, it was his brand-new facial hair that stole the spotlight:

Presumably the Swedish actor, best known for playing the vampire Eric Northman on HBO's series True Blood—and the shirtless title character in last year's Tarzan movie—is wearing the 'stache for his newest film, The Diary of a Teenage Girl, in which he plays a 70s-era creep. But whatever the reason, the reaction to his new whiskers wasn't pretty.

Personally, I think he resembles an Inspector Gadget-style street flasher.

Now, some people admitted that Skarsgard's sheer animal attraction is intense enough to overcome the mustache.

And clearly Nicole Kidman didn't mind since she gave him a full-on kiss on the lips when he won, right in front of her real-life husband. That must have been a fun car ride home.

If you go purely on anecdotal evidence, the 99.99% of us who do not resemble him should not try this at home. While the jury is still out on beards, many outlets will tell you that women don't dig the male mustache, which has stubbornly continued to be associated by '70s pornstars. But according to some polls, such as this one by YouGov, women are more apathetic to mustaches than outright repelled. While men responded largely positive to mustaches, 25 percent of women held a favorite opinion of them, 21 percent hated them, and a whopping 50 percent didn't care.

So you do you. But know that even Alexander Skarsgård has a hard time pulling it off.

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