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90 Percent of People Say Speaking Like This Makes You More Attractive, New Data Shows

it's not a trait you have much control over, but it makes a big difference.

There are a seemingly endless number of qualities we consider more or less attractive in others. Your type could be someone with a beard, while others prefer a cleaner cut. Maybe you want a partner who's shorter than you, which could be a dealbreaker for someone else. But as it turns out, there's a general consensus that certain traits are more attractive than others, and it goes well beyond the physical. New data has found one trait in particular is appealing to 90 percent of people, who say it can change their attraction to someone else. Read on to find out how the way you speak can make you seem more enticing.

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Previous research has identified several traits that are seen as more attractive.

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Researchers are constantly looking to identify the traits people consider most attractive—and who can blame them?

In 2018, experts from the College of Natural and Health Sciences for the University of Tampa sought to find out which hair color was deemed most attractive for men and women. According to their Florida Scientist study, both sexes viewed people with brunette hair color as more attractive than those with other hair colors.

In 2021, a U.K. study from contact lens retailer Lenstore discovered what the most attractive eye color was for both men and women. Unlike hair color, the results didn't match. Blue was seen as the most attractive eye color in males, while hazel was on the top in women.

And most recently, a Life Happens insurance study from earlier this year found that people in the U.S. have three traits they consider most attractive in a romantic partner: a sense of humor, intelligence, and financial security.

But that's not the only non-physical trait that could give you a leg up on your romantic competition.

How you speak can make you more attractive.

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You might be able to change your hair color and don color contacts, or even work on your sense of humor, intelligence, and financial security. But can you change the way you speak?

A 2022 study from language learning app Preply recently revealed how this one trait can change attraction levels. After surveying 1,755 people in the U.S., the researchers found that a majority agree on one thing, with 90 percent of respondents saying that an accent can impact how attractive they find someone else.

"Our survey was clear that an accent plays a significant role for the vast majority of us," the study stated. In fact, 83 percent of respondents admitted to having been more attracted to someone in the past simply because of their accent. And when it comes to dating, 95 percent of people said it's important that they like a potential partner's voice.

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Certain accents are seen as more attractive than others.

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Having an accent is typically viewed as more attractive because it provides a sense of "mystique, intrigue, and wonder," according to Heather Browne, LMFT, a relationship expert and psychotherapist. "And for many of us, certain accents simply sound better to our familiar ears," Browne says, noting that French, Italian, and British accents are common favorites among people in the U.S.

In fact, the Preply survey found that the British accent ranked the highest among all dialects, with 52 percent of respondents favoring this accent. "The British accent in general was the favorite across those who identified as men and women, and was also ranked among the sexiest and most trustworthy," the study stated. "It was also the accent most likely to make someone believe a person is more intelligent."

But the next sexiest accents according to people in the U.S. are Australian and French. The study found that 32 percent of people said an Australian accent could make someone seem more attractive, while 26 percent said a French accent could have the same effect.

"French sounds sensual and passionate to many of us," Browne explained.

Experts advise against being inauthentic.

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Don't go tossing on a fake British accent for your next date, however. Kevin Darné, a dating expert and the author of Pump Your Brakes! How To Stop Having Bad First Dates, says being yourself is actually the most important trait when it comes to dating. So if you don't already have an accent—don't fake it.

"The vast majority of people in your area date and marry those of similar backgrounds and native tongue," Darné explains. "Dating or hooking up with someone who has a foreign accent is more often a fantasy to experience and not on most people's must-haves list."

Browne also advises against trying to trick a potential suitor with a fake accent. "You can play around with learning them to dazzle potential dates but be honest that you simply enjoy using accents versus pretending you are from abroad," she says. "Always honor the fact that you are the only you and whoever is your future partner is going to like you, accent or not."

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