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Can You Answer These Trivia Questions About the '70s?

How much do you really remember about the 1970s?

The 1970s were a pivotal time in history. Disco was at its peak, fashion was funkier than ever, and the world was slowly but surely becoming a more welcome place for everybody. Whether or not you lived through this groovy decade, it's likely that you know some fast facts about it. Just how much do you remember? Well, you can find out by challenging yourself to these '70s trivia questions.

Question: What major event in American history happened on June 17, 1972?

the white house on a crystal clear day, american history questions

It also led to one of the most major milestones in the history of journalism.

Answer: The Watergate break-in.

richard nixon with associates, new word origins

On the morning of June 17, 1972, several people connected to President Richard Nixon's reelection campaign were found wiretapping the office of the Democratic National Committee. Washington Post reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein exposed Nixon's connection to the crime, and he was eventually forced to resign on Aug. 9, 1974.

Question: Which band announced their breakup on April 10, 1970?

young asian chinese male sitting down and listening to music

Hint: This British band's final album came out after they announced their breakup.

Answer: The Beatles.

ringo starr, paul mccartney, george harrison and john lennon of the beatles posing, bands against streaming

To be fair, the Beatles hardly ever "announced" their breakup. Instead, Paul McCartney simply released a statement discussing the band's end and his debut solo album.

Question: On July 1, 1971, the 26th Amendment became law. What did it do?

Caucasian woman holding gavel

It affected teenagers specifically.

Answer: It made it legal for anyone over the age of 18 to vote.

i voted sticker on the table

The amendment, according to the National Constitution Center, states that "the right of citizens of the United States, who are eighteen years of age or older, to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of age."

Question: How did ABBA get their big break?

Studio shot of Swedish pop group ABBA, Germany 1970s.
United Archives GmbH / Alamy Stock Photo

Everybody has to start somewhere, right?

Answer: They won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1974.

Eurovision song contest

When ABBA took first place in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1974, it was Sweden's first time ever winning the competition.

Question: Who did Elton John write "Philadelphia Freedom" for?

R53JHN Elton John performing in Central Park, New York, America. Elton drew a huge crowd of over 400,000 to the free concert. With a set list of over 20 songs, Elton played such hits as Tiny Dancer , Goodbye Yellow Brick Road , Rocket Man , Philadelphia Freedom , Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word Saturday Night's Alright (For Fighting) Little Jeannie Bennie and the Jets Imagine Someone Saved My Life Tonight Your Song Bite Your Lip Picture taken 13th September 1980, biggest male icon

The title of the song should be a dead giveaway.

Answer: Billie Jean King.

Tennis star Billie Jean King

Tennis star Billie Jean King was part of the Philadelphia Freedoms tennis team!

Question: According to the movie Love Story, what does love mean?

Love Story movie clip
Image via Youtube/Paramount Pictures

This is one of the most iconic (and most romantic!) movie quotes of all time.

Answer: "Love means never having to say you're sorry."

Love Story movie still
Paramount Pictures

The line is first uttered by Ali MacGraw and later in the film by Ryan O'Neal.

Question: Which publishing heiress was kidnapped in 1974?

police line

It went on to become one of the most bizarre kidnappings in history.

Answer: Patty Hearst.

mugshot patty hearst, biggest event each year

On Feb. 4, 1974, 19-year-old Patty Hearst was kidnapped from her apartment in Berkeley, California. In just a few months, though, Hearst began to sympathize and collude with her kidnappers, the Symbionese Liberation Army. When she was found in 1975, the FBI actually arrested her. She spent two years in prison before being let free by President Jimmy Carter, and she was later given a full pardon by President Bill Clinton.

Question: Which TV show debuted in 1972 to become one of the most popular and longest-running television shows of all time?

old tv from the 1980s, 1984 facts

Its final episode remains one of the most-watched television broadcasts in history.

Answer: M*A*S*H.

20th Century Fox Television via YouTube

The first episode aired on Sept. 17, 1972!

Question: In 1973, which horse became the 9th ever to take home the Triple Crown?


Even if you don't follow sports or horse racing, you know who this horse is.

Answer: Secretariat.

Secretariat horse at Belmont Stakes
Virginia Museum of History & Culture / Alamy Stock Photo

When Secretariat won the Triple Crown in 1973, he was the first horse to do so in 25 years.

Question: What was the birth name of Queen frontman Freddie Mercury?

BPTY5C FREDDIE MERCURY SINGER QUEEN (1980), biggest male icon

No, it wasn't Freddie Mercury.

Answer: Farrokh Bulsara.

Freddie mercury celebrity deaths
Steve Wood/Express/Getty Images

According to the Los Angeles Times, the stage name "Mercury" is tied to the Queen song "My Fairy King," which mentions a "Mother Mercury."

Question: In 1973, the Supreme Court ruled that abortion is a constitutional right in which landmark case?

supreme court building, biggest event each year

A. Loving v. Virginia
B. Roe v. Wade
C. Craig v. Boren
D. Eisenstadt v. Baird

Answer: Roe v. Wade.

supreme court roe v wade, abortion rights, biggest event each year

In this case, the Supreme Court decided that the constitutional right to privacy "is broad enough to encompass a woman's decision whether or not to terminate her pregnancy."

Question: Which actor played The Fonz on Happy Days?

happy days
Miller-Milkis Productions via YouTube

He was the coolest kid on the block!

Answer: Henry Winkler.

henry winkler as arthur "the fonz" fonzarelli in happy days

You might also recognize this actor from his Golden Globe-nominated performances in the films Heroes and Night Shift.

Question: Which iconic (albeit strange) collectible toy was introduced in 1975?

ClassicStock / Alamy Stock Photo

We're just thankful this fad didn't last long.

Answer: Pet Rock.

Rock Bottom Productions

In their July 14, 1980 issue, Newsweek called Gary Dahl's Pet Rock "one of the most ridiculously successful marketing schemes ever."

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