12 Cute Santa Letters That Will Break Your Heart

"Dear Santa, please bring mommy coffee."

12 Cute Santa Letters That Will Break Your Heart

Sending a letter to Santa has got to be one of the purest traditions of the Christmas season. Every year, a child puts pen to paper and writes down his or her most sincerest wishes, the ones stored deep in his or her innocent—or, in some cases, mischievous—little heart. Oftentimes, those wishes might be for something physical, like a bicycle or the new iPod X. But, other times, the little one asks for something so spiritual and selfless that it inspires adults to remember the child in themselves. Of course, others are also just flat-out loud funny because kids just don’t lie. Here are some of this year’s best examples, courtesy of Twitter. And for more ways to celebrate Christmas, trying your hand at making Ebenezer Scrooge’s Favorite Cocktail. 

letters to santa

“Can You Make Ryan Shazer Feel Better”?

All Griffin wants is for injured Steelers linebacker Ryan Shazier to feel better. And also a jersey with his name on the back. But mostly for his favorite star to feel better.

Brenda Frawley‏ santa letter

Good Manners

 wrote that she is very proud of her daughter’s polite introduction to Santa this year. 

M Bopp‏ letter to santa

Coffee for Both Mommies

Patrick has a long list of demands that includes “cups, 3 puppies, a giraffe, doctor kid, PJ mask, puzzles, and movies,” but he hasn’t forgotten about his mommies.

Mark Hanrahan letters to santa

Nice Handwriting

“My son’s letter to Santa. Looks like he shares my preference for writing in capital letters. Ha!” 

letters to santa

“I would like everyone to have the best Christmas in the whole WORLD”

Stuart Duncan’s autistic 12-year-old son wrote the following: “I would like everyone to have the best Christmas in the whole WORLD! I am also greatly sorry for the fact I don’t use that Pogo stick you gave me, I will try to use it more often.”

letters to santa

Anything Will Do

“I want something random.” As do we all, kid.

letters to santa

Good Advice

@RaisingJedi’s kid is pretty self-aware. He knows that, with only 9 days left until Christmas, his chances of making the Nice list aren’t so good. But at least he has one good piece of advice for Santa: “Don’t watch people when they are in the bathroom. It’s embserrising.”

letter to santa

Hugs for the Baddies

All this little boy wants to do is give Lana Parrilla and Rebecca Mader–who play villains on ABC’s Once Upon a Time–a big hug.

funny letters to santa

On the Gassy List

If “I don’t fart on people” won’t get you a spot on the Nice list, then what will?

letters to santa

Please Send Elves

“This Christmas, I would like an elf that wants to have kid with them and wants a human home. If you do have an elf that wants all those thing plese…well if you want plese bring me one that is kind one that is a LOVER…and if you can’t give me one then give me headphones.”

letters to santa

Friends for Christmas

In between the request for a cotton candy maker and a giant teddy bear is the plea for her brother, who gets bullied at school to, “have some friends. Please, please, use your magic.”

letters to santa viral

Santa, Your Life Is Empty

This year’s Letters to Santa winner comes courtesy of a six year old whose school-mandated note went viral earlier this month. The budding existentialist writes, “Santa I’m only doing this for the class. I know your notty list is emty. And your good list is emty. and you life is emty. You dont know the trouble Ive had in my life. Goodbye.”

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