25 Kitchen Gadgets Every Man Needs

Everything you need to master the modern meal.

25 Kitchen Gadgets Every Man Needs

Everything you need to master the modern meal.

Even if you have a pot to piss in (and a fry pan and a colander), you’re going to need much more to impress a woman with a home-cooked meal. There’s a whole world of gadgetry out there ready to act as your kitchen staff. These tools, machines and accessories will make cooking easier, more fun, and will help you kick any meal to the next level, from scrambled eggs to soffrito. Do you need all this stuff to get the job done? Nah. But start building your arsenal of cooking tools little by little and before you know it you’ll be ready for anything Sidesaddle Kitchen’s Laura Miller throws at you. (Admit it, you watch.)

Kitchen Aid Starter Set

A starter set

Cover all the basic bases with spoons, spatulas, tongs and more.
We like: Kitchen-Aid 17-Piece Tools and Gadget Set, $43 at amazon.com

Dual Garlic Press

Garlic press/slicer combo

Because you have better things to do than chop and mince — like avoiding hand injury and drinking enough beer to be an amiable host — leave it to the gadgets (see also #16 and #22). This one literally slices and dices.
We like: Trudeau Garlic Duo Press and Slice, $20 at amazon.com

Bamboo Steamer

Bamboo steamer

A stylish way to steam meat, vegetables or both at once.
We like: VonShef Bamboo Steamer, $25 at amazon.com

Onion Goggles

Onion goggles

Respectable men can cry, but in the kitchen it’s kind of a waste.
We like: RSVP International Onion Goggles, $20 at amazon.com

Bar tools Set

Bar tools set

This 10-piece group of cocktailing tools has everything you need to make just about any cocktail you can think of — down to a cutting board, a very nice price and a stand that looks great on a shelf.
We like: Oggi 10-Piece Bar Tools Set, $40 at wineenthusiast.com

Immersion Blender

Immersion blender

For everything from protein shakes to sauces and dressings. This handheld model means you won’t have to haul out a full-size blender.
We like: All-Clad Stainless Steel Immersion Blender, $85 at amazon.com

Knife Set

Carbon steel knives

High-carbon knives are sharper than stainless steel and stay that way; they also resist rust and corrosion, which makes them look damn stylish on a counter.
We like: Mercer Culinary 6-Piece Stainless Steel Knife Set, $130 at amazon.com

Panini Press

Panini press

Cut down on fast food by making restaurant-quality grilled sandwiches at home — you control the portions and ingredients and, therefore, your pants size.
We like: Breville Panini Duo Press, $70 at surlatable.com

Remote Meat Thermometer

Remote meat thermometer

Take the guesswork out of grillmastery with this thermometer that’ll let you track temps on your smartphone.
We like: iGrill2 Meat Thermometer, $100 at idevicesinc.com

Spring Whisk

Spring whisk

A spring whisk adds extra volume to eggs and sauces, and it’s great for whipping things up in small bowls and containers.
We like: Kuhn Rikon 10-Inch Galaxy Spring Whisk, $12 at amazon.com

Marinade Injector

Marinade injector

When you can’t use your pressure cooker (see #13) or marinate overnight, use this shortcut to moistness and flavor.
We like: Mr. Grill Stainless Meat Injector, $15 at amazon.com



A quick way to slice everything but, ideally, your fingers.
We like: PL8 Professional Mandoline, $60 at bedbathbeyond.com

Pressure Cooker

Pressure cooker

Your absolute secret weapon: Make fall-off-the-bone ribs in half an hour, or lasagna in even less. This programmable model lets you set it and forget it ’til your masterpiece is done.
We like: Cuisinart 6-Quart Electric Pressure Cooker, $100 at bedbathbeyond.com

Citrus Press

Citrus press

From detox to retox: Squeeze fresh juice or express lemons for cocktails.
We like: Breville Citrus Press, $129 at williams-sonoma.com

3-in-1 Peeler

3-in-1 Peeler

You’ve got to have a peeler, and this is the best one. It rotates 360 degrees to handle large and small vegetables with ceramic blades that won’t rust.
We like: Kyocera Advanced Perfect Peeler, $15 at amazon.com

Slap Chopper

Slap chopper

Auto-chopping may be cheating, but not as much as getting takeout. This one dices onions, garlic, tomatoes and fruit in seconds.
We like: Ohana Magic Slicer/Chopper, $18 at amazon.com

Cuisinart Grill Set

Stainless steel grill set

Cuisinart thought of everything when creating this cookout set, down to a fork with a digital timer and temperature readout.
We like: Cuisinart 20 Piece Deluxe Grill Set, $70 at amazon.com

Glass Stovetop Pot

Glass stovetop pot

It’ll get a “wow” on your stovetop, even if you only boil water in it.
We like: Castagna glass pot, $200 at momastore.org



Because trying to drain a pasta pot using a plate over the sink is just asking for trouble.
We like: Cuisinart 5-quart steel colander, $20 at bedathbeyond.com

Pou-Over Coffee Pot

Pour-over coffee pot

Pour-over coffee is trendy for a reason — it extracts more flavor and tastes fresher.
We like: Bodum Pour-Over Coffee Maker, $32 at amazon.com

Whiskey Cubes

Whiskey cubes

Because Scotch on the rocks doesn’t mean Scotch whisky with water. These keep your drink cool without weakening the spirit.
We like: Whiskey Rocks Granite Whiskey Stones, $20 at amazon.com

Cast Iron Skillet

Cast iron skillet

Cast iron cookware has weighty benefits: It heats more evenly, doesn’t stick and lasts forever. The shape of this Oregon-made skillet even allows for pouring.
We like: Finex 8″ Cast Iron Skillet, $125 at finexusa.com

Vacuum Wine Preserver

Vacuum wine preserver

Keep wine and champagne fresh — your abs don’t want you to drink the whole bottle anyway.
We like: Vacu Vin Wine Preserver, $13 at amazon.com

Cheese Board and Knives

Cheese board and knives

Being able to whip up a quick cheese plate is a must for entertaining, and slicing brie with a butter knife is not a good look.
We like: Crate & Barrel slate cheese board, $30, and marble handled cheese knives, $30 at crateandbarrel.com

Microplane Zester

Microplane zester

Zest lemons and limes or grate cheese and potatoes with this chefs’ favorite.
We like: Microplane Premium Zester, $15 at bedbathandbeyond.com

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