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All the Home Decor Stores, Including World Market, That Are Closing Locations This Summer

Retailers are shuttering stores throughout the month of July.

We all know that there's nothing worse than ordering a chair or couch online and finding that it's uncomfortable, unappealing, or both. So, when you need to invest in a new piece of furniture, a home decor retailer provides the luxury of sampling your seating before you swipe your credit card. You can also discover other finds that will help you spruce up your space. Soon, however, your options for in-person shopping may become more limited. World Market and other home decor retailers just announced they're closing locations, meaning your local store could be on the line. Read on to find out more about these upcoming closures.

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World Market is shutting down a location it just opened in February.

inside a cost plus world market
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World Market—known for its selection of modern and eclectic decor—is closing a store in Fairfax County, Virginia, this week—having only been at this location since February, the Washington Business Journal reported. The 30,000-square-foot store is situated in the Fair Lakes Shopping Center, and is currently in the "final stages" of its closing sale, per the Business Journal.

"World Market lost their lease and relocated the store to a new nearby location on a temporary lease, with a clause that they would vacate if the landlord found a full-time tenant," a spokesperson for World Market told the Business Journal. "They did, and therefore closing this new location."

According to Northern Virginia Magazine, World Market's final day is set for July 15, but it could close even sooner: An employee told the outlet that the store was largely empty as of July 5.

When Best Life called the Fairfax store on July 10, a recorded message said the location is "closing soon," but the store remains listed as "open" on Google. Best Life reached out to Kingswood Capital Management, which owns Cost Plus World Market, and will update the story upon hearing back.

Christmas Tree Shops is done for good.

Christmas Tree Shops is an American retail chain.

Over the past several weeks, many were concerned about the fate of Christmas Tree Shops. While it was hoped that the retailer would stay afloat after filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in May, that's no longer a possibility.

After the retailer's $45 million bankruptcy loan was terminated, the Wall Street Journal reported that all remaining Christmas Tree Shops are set to close.

"Unfortunately, circumstances have resulted in the plan really not being able to go forward because quite simply, the debtor doesn't have the time nor the money to go forward with the plan," Harold Murphy, a lawyer for Christmas Tree Shops, said during a June 29 court hearing, per the WSJ.

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Don't let your gift cards go to waste.

fanned out pile of over a dozen gift cards

In a July 7 press release, Christmas Tree Shops confirmed that all stores are holding going-out-of-business sales "just in time for Christmas in July." Customers can save up to 50 percent on all inventory at the 72 remaining stores nationwide.

All sales are final—and if you have a gift card burning a hole in your pocket, don't wait to spend it. According to a July 6 court document, you only have the next 10 days to use them.

Christmas Tree Shops stores "will cease selling and honor gift cards on July 21," the document states.

A local establishment is also closing up shop.

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While big-name stores typically dominate the headlines, they're not the only places people turn to when furnishing their homes. In fact, many prefer to shop at independent furniture and decor stores, where you can often find unique, one-of-a-kind pieces.

But one of these smaller home stores, Blu Door Decor, confirmed it's exiting downtown DeKalb, Illinois, on July 22, Shaw Local News Network reported.

"[I] just want to have more time with my family," owner Jana Nowak told the outlet. "I like the shop. I love the customers, but life's just too short. [I've] got to spend more time with family."

The store is currently offering a 60 percent discount ahead of the closing date later this month.

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