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Walmart Worker Shows Off New Security Measures—But Shoppers Threaten to Boycott

Some customers say this is the last straw, while others have already moved on to other retailers.

Retail theft has become a hot-button issue, with more and more stores taking preventive measures to keep merchandise secure. This includes locking up entire aisles, requiring shoppers to request assistance from an employee, as well as placing individual locks on shelves. Walmart is one of the retailers taking action, but some shoppers say its new security measures are going a bit too far. Read on to find out why shoppers are now threatening to boycott the big-box store.

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A Walmart worker's TikTok video recently went viral.

In a TikTok video posted on June 6, Walmart associate Taliuana, who uses the handle @tali.34, posted a video of her closing the locks on Walmart racks. The red locks are affixed to the end of the wire racks and have "See Sales Associate" printed on them, signaling to shoppers that they'll need assistance before putting products in their cart.

In the video, the locks are used for e.l.f. Cosmetics, which is known for being an affordable brand. On to Walmart's website, prices go as low as $2—and according to Bloomberg, the majority of e.l.f. products will run you $6 or less.

Many were surprised to see these makeup products locked up.

e.l.f. makeup
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Taliuana captioned the video "kinda satisfying?" in reference to the clicking sounds that the locks make when they're closed. But in the comment section, shoppers were less than satisfied, albeit for a different reason.

Many shoppers said that because e.l.f. products are so inexpensive, locking them up is a bit of a stretch.

"Locking up elf is WILD," TikToker Elyse Myers commented. Taliuana responded to say that Walmart also locks up wet n wild beauty products, another very affordable brand.

"GIRL ITS LIKE 1O DOLLARS," another commenter wrote. Another added, "I hope there is someone in the department that will be able to help us get the products. I don't want to have to wait 20 min. to get a 4$ primer."

Best Life reached out to Walmart for comment, and will update the story upon hearing back.

Shoppers said the locked racks complicate the shopping experience.

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While many people were just shocked to see e.l.f. products locked up, the real problem for many customers was finding a Walmart employee to help when the stores are often "understaffed."

"I can't even imagine having to wait for a Walmart employee to unlock these….they like hide from you there," a comment reads.

Another shopped added, "Every time I try to find an associate to help me with anything they never come."

In addition, one TikToker warned that tracking down an associate unnecessarily complicates the in-store shopping experience.

"It's going to get to a point where folks are so annoyed trying to find an employee they stop going all together," a comment reads. Another added, "These giant businesses are all thinking up dumb ways to prevent shoplifting and all it really does is make buying hard."

Some customers said they're going to shop elsewhere.

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While some shoppers suggested workarounds for getting locked products off the shelves, several TikTokers said this is the last straw.

"I'm happy this just showed up in my Google News Feed. Today's trip to Wal-Mart is close to being my last," a shopper commented. Another said, "I no longer need the item ever again if I have to talk to someone to get it. That no longer exists in my mind!"

Some commenters noted that they haven't seen e.l.f. or wet n wild products locked up at their local Walmarts, but those that have said they've already switched stores.

"My Walmart locks them behind doors. I shop at Target now," a commenter wrote, while others said that they now pay more at makeup stores, like Ulta, or shop online instead.

Yet another separate shopper wrote, "Yeaaaa Im not going to wait for the associate. Ima go home & order on Amazon."

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