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Walmart Is Only Selling 600 of This Exclusive Product—And "They Will Not Restock"

Get your hands on one of these keepsakes while you still can.

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If you're looking for hidden treasures or novelty finds, you're probably going to head to your local Goodwill or Salvation Army store, or perhaps to a local boutique. Walmart stores, on the other hand, are where you would head for your groceries or affordable shoes and clothes. But now, the nation's largest retailer is looking to introduce a bit of exclusivity, as it's only selling 600 of an exciting new product. Read on to find out what Walmart just released, and why you'll want to act fast.

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Elton John is known for his music and his style.

elton john performing
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Elton John is widely recognized as one of music's greatest artists. You might recognize the British rock icon's many nicknames, including Sir Elton, as he was formally knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in 1998, or Rocket Man, due to the massive success of his 1972 song of the same name. Regardless of how you know him, there's no denying John's tremendous accomplishments, having produced 31 studio albums in his decades-long career and earned five Grammys, two Academy Awards, and two Golden Globes—just to name a few of his many accolades.

But John is also known for his bold choices when it comes to his wardrobe. His iconic looks are famous in their own right, and if you shop at Walmart, you can now pick up an exclusive version of one the singer's signature pieces.

This keepsake item is now for sale.

walmart elton john sunglasses

Unique (sometimes bedazzled) eyewear are a Sir Elton staple, and no Elton John Halloween costume is complete without them. But while you might have purchased a cheap knockoff pair to wear with your feathered blazer, Walmart is now selling "limited-edition commemorative sunglasses" as part of the Elton John Eyewear collection.

The announcement was made in a blog post written by David Reitnauer, Walmart's Vice President of Health & Wellness of Optical and Hearing, timed to honor John's last U.S. concert at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, which Reitnauer called "the end of an era." Walmart's glasses, which are called the "L.A. '22," were inspired by the large round frames John wore during his two sold-out concerts at the stadium back in 1975.

"Eyewear is an integral part of my personal style," John said in the blog post. "My archive of optical and sun frames inspire so many of the designs in the Elton John Eyewear collection, including the L.A. '22. Celebrating this pinnacle moment in my career and being able to share it with Walmart customers through such a versatile and universally flattering frame, is so special to me."

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If you want to get your hands on the glasses, act fast.

walmart website
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According to the blog post, Walmart has only produced 600 L.A. '22 sunglasses, which are being sold online for $99 each. If you're willing to shell out for your own exclusive pair, the retailer advises doing so soon, because once they're gone, they're gone for good. "Just like the legendary concert, once these frames sell out, they will not be restocked," Reitnauer wrote.

The frames come with a "commemorative case" and "keepsake cleaning cloth," but the glasses themselves aren't identical to John's first look. The thick white plastic has been swapped for sleeker white metal, rose gold lenses, and blue temple tips.

"This frame was inspired by a round plastic frame and that frame, while it looks pristine, is not particularly on-trend now," Ericka Thumbutu, senior buyer of optical at Walmart Health & Wellness, told Forbes. "We could have just made a copy, and said, 'here's a replica.' We wanted to bring Elton from 1975 into 2022. We're on trend, details are on trend, and rounds are still on trend."

There's also a star detail on the top of the frame, paying homage to the sparkly blue and white Dodger uniform John wore in 1975. "Those little embellishments are truly Elton," Thumbutu said.

Don't panic if you can't get your hands on a limited-edition pair.

elton john eyewear

Even if you don't manage to snag a pair of limited-edition lenses, or if you don't want to drop nearly $100, rest assured that there are other options available as part of the Elton John Eyewear collection. The line was launched with Walmart and Sam's Club in 2021 to bring John's "signature glasses to the masses." Over 60 different frames are available, which you can purchase at Walmart Vision Centers, Sam's Club stores, and on

The most recent product launch also continues to support Walmart's pledge to donate at least $1 million from collection profits to support the Elton John AIDS Foundation. "This partnership is a natural extension of Walmart's mission to help their customers live better, healthier lives by providing quality, affordable and accessible healthcare in the communities they serve—including access to HIV health resources," Reitnauer wrote. 

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