USPS Temporarily Suspending Services in These States, Effective Now

The Postal Service cited safety concerns and a gas leak as the reasons for disruptions.

Any disruption to your mail service is inconvenient, whether it's a missing package or a delayed delivery. To deal with these issues, you might head to your local post office to speak with someone who can help solve the problem. But if you arrive and the post office is also closed, you're left in a bit of a pickle. To give you a heads up, the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) sends out regular service alerts that inform residents about disruptions—and the latest issues affect local post offices in three states. Read on to find out where the USPS is temporarily suspending services now.

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Retail operations were suspended at a Texas post office.

mail waiting in the u.s. grey/blue post office box

In a Sept. 18 Service Alert, the USPS confirmed that operations at the Woodlake Post Office—located at 5923 E. US Highway 287 in Texas—"are temporarily suspended due to safety concerns."

In a press release from the same day, the Postal Service noted that the disruption at the Woodlake office affects retail operations.

"In an abundance of caution, and to ensure the safety of both postal customers and employees, the Postal Service is temporarily suspending retail operations at Woodlake Post Office," the release reads. "Effective immediately, retail operations at the following Post Office are temporarily suspended until further notice. The Postal Service will provide additional information when normal operations resume."

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Operations were moved to a nearby post office.

Exterior of United States Post Office with banner and logo.

Customers with P.O. Boxes at the Woodlake Post Office can pick up their mail at the Groveton Post Office, 147 E 2nd Street, in Groveton. Retail services are also being offered at this office for Woodlake residents.

"The U.S. Postal Service apologizes for any inconvenience these temporary suspensions may cause our customers," the agency wrote.

When Best Life reached out to the Postal Service for more information, USPS spokesperson Carol L. Hunt said there is "no further information to provide at this time."

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A post office in Washington closed as well.

King of Prussia, PA/USA-April 7, 2020: United States Post Office truck parks outside the post office building to pick up mail during the COVID-19 virus, since they are considered essential business.

The Walla Walla Post Office, located at 128 N. 2nd Ave. in Washington, is temporarily closed as of yesterday, according to the Service Alerts page. The alert cites a "gas leak" as the reason for the closure, but didn't provide additional information.

While the Walla Walla office is closed, customers are directed to visit the West Richland Post Office, at 401 W. Van Giesen St.

In response to Best Life's request for comment, USPS spokesperson Kim Frum said there is no additional information at this time.

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A Michigan post office closed last week.

USPS Post Office Location. The USPS is Responsible for Providing Mail Delivery I

On Sept. 13, the Postal Service announced that the Orchard Mall Post Office, at 800 Pipestone Rd. in Benton Harbor, Michigan, was temporarily closed. As Best Life previously reported, the Postal Service issued a local press release on Sept. 8, letting residents know that the facility was temporarily closed as of Sept. 13.

The agency didn't provide additional details about the closure, only noting that the decision was made "to ensure the safety of both postal customers and employees."

In an email last week, USPS spokesperson Elizabeth Najduch said that no additional information was available. Best Life reached out again to inquire about a reopening date, and will update the story with the USPS' response.

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