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USPS Is Suspending Services in These Places, Effective Immediately

Multiple post offices in Missouri and Indiana have been shut down.

For most of us, getting the mail every day is just a quick trip from the front door to the mailbox and back. But there are plenty of occasions when you do have to visit your local post office, whether you keep your own P.O. Box or you need to mail out a larger package. In these instances, there's nothing worse than arriving and finding your post office unexpectedly closed. The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) is required to shutter these facilities from time to time—and now, the agency has done just that, affecting post offices in two states. Read on to find out where the USPS is suspending services now.

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A post office in Baring, Missouri, suffered structural damage.

USPS mail vans parked outside of the post office

According to a service alert posted Aug. 7, the Baring Post Office, located at 400 Main St. in Baring, Missouri, is temporarily closed. In an Aug. 5 press release announcing the closure, the agency confirmed the post office suffered structural damage and is undergoing repairs.

Both delivery and retail operations, as well as P.O. Box mail services, were moved to the Edina Post Office in Edina, Missouri.

"The Postal Service apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause our customers as repairs are taking place," the press release reads.

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Flooding caused a second Missouri post office to close.

mail waiting in the u.s. grey/blue post office box

Another post office in Missouri was temporarily shut down. According to a separate press release from Aug. 3, the Bell City Post Office, located at 25233 Walnut St., was shuttered due to flooding conditions. Retail operations and P.O. Box mail services were moved to the nearby Perkins Post Office in Perkins, Missouri.

The agency issued a statement similar to the one for the Baring Post Office, apologizing for any inconvenience while repairs are underway.

Best Life reached out to the USPS for more details and potential reopening dates, but Mark Inglett, strategic communications specialist for the USPS, confirmed there is no additional information at this time.

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An Indiana post office is also shuttered for the time being.

Exterior of United States Post Office with banner and logo.

The San Pierre Post Office, located at 104 Eliza St. in San Pierre, Indiana, was temporarily closed as of Aug. 8, per another press release. The USPS cited "safety concerns regarding the building conditions."

The agency confirmed that street and P.O. Box delivery aren't going to be impacted, but retail services and package pickup have been moved to the LaCrosse Post Office at 16. W. Main Street. Customers can also head to the North Judson Post Office for retail services.

"Currently, there is no information on when repairs to the San Pierre Post Office will be complete," the release reads.

When contacted by Best Life for comment, Susan W. Wright of USPS Corporate Communications said there is no additional information at this time.

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Two other post offices remain closed in Indiana.

usps post office sign with American flag

San Pierre isn't the only Indiana town where the USPS recently suspended services, however. In late July, the Wheeler Post Office and the Swayzee Post Offices in Indiana were temporarily closed "due to safety concerns."

The Wheeler Post Office was closed "for building repairs." As USPS spokesperson Desai Abdul-Razzaaq previously told Best Life, the repairs were prompted by plumbing issues in the building.

No additional details were provided regarding the Swayzee closure, but according to the Service Alerts page, both post offices remain closed.

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