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USPS Is Suspending Services in These States, Effective Immediately

Post offices have been shuttered due to building damage and storms.

The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) does more than you think on a daily basis, not only ensuring that you get your mail, but also running and maintaining over 31,000 retail post offices across the country. With so many locations in the mix, it's inevitable that post offices run into problems from time to time, whether that's because of emergencies, bad weather, or damage to the building. Now, the Postal Service has confirmed multiple issues prompting service disruptions at post offices in three states. Read on to find out where the USPS is suspending services, effective immediately.

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Tropical Storm Hilary has made things difficult in California.

Postal service, post office inside. Letters on a sorting frame, table and shelves in a mail delivery sorting centre.

Earlier this week, the USPS was forced to temporarily shutter post offices in several California towns due to the impact of Tropical Storm Hilary. This didn't last long, as full operations resumed at five post offices in Shoshone, Morongo Valley, North Palm Springs, Forest Falls, and Keeler on Tuesday.

The post office in Trona, California, also reopened yesterday, with an Aug. 23 press release provided to Best Life confirming that "mail will be delivered where it is deemed safe to do so." The Postal Service added, "We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused."

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Two California post offices remain closed.

sunny US Post Office Sign

While it seems that postal service in California is almost back to normal, according to the agency's Service Alerts, two post offices remain closed.

The Darwin Post Office, located at 251 Reddy St., was also shuttered due to Tropical Storm Hilary, and the La Tijera Post Office, located at 5472 Crenshaw Blvd, was temporarily closed due to the need for "emergency repairs."

In a press release provided to Best Life, the USPS explained, "A water incursion from the recent storm damaged the La Tijera facility. Out of an abundance of caution, the building cannot be occupied during repairs."

According to the alert, during the La Tijera closure, mail and retail services have been temporarily moved to the Hawthorne Post Office, at 12700 Inglewood Ave.

"We apologize for this inconvenience," the Aug. 24 press release reads. "This is only a temporary measure, and we will reopen the Post Office as soon as the repairs are made, and it is safe."

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Operations are also suspended in Tennessee.

Delivery vehicles parked at the United States Post Office in downtown Rochester, Michigan. With almost 600,000 employees, the United States Postal Service is the second largest civilian employer in the United States.

According to an Aug. 23 press release, the USPS is temporarily suspending services at the Lascassas Post Office, at 4682 E Jefferson Pike in Lascassas, Tennessee.

The press release cites building damage that occurred on Tuesday. In a statement provided to Best Life, Evelina Ramirez of USPS Corporate Communications explained that the area of concern is being assessed, and that damage was not caused by storms or mechanical issues.

"The Postal Service is working with the lessor, who is responsible for making repairs," Ramirez said. "At this time, there is no firm timeline for completion of repairs, but the goal is to resume postal operations in Lascassas as quickly as possible."

During the closure, Lascassas customers can head to the Murfreesboro Main Post Office, at 2255 Memorial Blvd., to conduct retail transactions. Mail delivery service for Lascassas customers "is not affected and will continue uninterrupted," the release states.

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Another post office has been closed in Arizona.

Exterior of United States Post Office with banner and logo.

Yesterday, the USPS also announced that the Chambers Post Office, at 800 Highway 191, in Chambers, Arizona, has been temporarily closed.

According to USPS Service Alerts, the closure is related to "water damage." While the Chambers Post Office is closed, customers can pick up their mail and access retail services at the Sanders Post Office, at 100 Highway 191 S.

In a statement provided to Best LifeSherry Patterson of USPS Strategic Communications clarified that the water damage was the result of "recent rain and flooding."

Currently, the Postal Service does not have a date for reopening, Patterson said, reassuring customers that they "will be notified as soon as the Chambers Post Office reopens."

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