See Tag From "Friends" Now at 44

Eddie Cahill went on to a beloved sports movie and a popular procedural.

When fledgling actor Eddie Cahill spent his last $230 to get to his audition for the role of Tag Jones, Rachel Green's (Jennifer Aniston) fresh-faced assistant-turned-boyfriend, on Friends, it would turn out to be the investment of a lifetime—although that fact was somewhat lost on him at the time.

"I remember being made aware that after I got that job, that I had landed somewhere of note," he told Now to Love in 2020. "I was a little bit naive, I don't think I really knew what it all meant."

Cahill ultimately appeared in seven episodes of the uber-hit sitcom before Rachel broke up with Tag after her 30th birthday made her realize that their age gap was insurmountable. The breakup would hardly be the end of the road for the young actor's career, however. See where he is now, 22 years later, at age 44.

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He led a WB series from the creator of Scream and Dawson's Creek.

Eddie Cahill in 2001
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The impact of Friends (in addition to previous roles as James on Felicity and Carrie's bisexual boyfriend Sean on Sex and the City) helped propel Cahill to a leading role in his next project. In 2002, the WB tapped Scream and Dawson's Creek creator Kevin Williamson to revamp the murder-mystery soap opera with a teen bent. The result was Glory Days (known abroad as Demontown), a spooky series about wunderkind-turned-washed-up novelist Mike Dolan, played by Cahill, who returns to his hometown only to uncover a suspicious set of possibly supernatural occurrences. Unfortunately, the mid-season replacement lasted just nine episodes.

He joined CSI: NY.

Eddie Cahill in 2006
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Following Glory Days, Cahill hit the big screen playing goalie Jim Craig in the Olympic hockey film Miracle in 2004. That same year, he joined the cast of CSI: NY in the role he would play for the next nine years, that of witty homicide detective Don Flack. Across the series' lengthy run, Cahill would appear in 197 episodes, and over the years, fans watched his character mourn and later avenge his late girlfriend, Detective Jessica Angell (Emmanuelle Vaugier).

He's stayed active on television.

Eddie Cahill in 2010
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Following CSI:NY, Cahill joined CBS' Under the Dome in its second season and stayed until its cancellation after year three. Next, he joined Conviction, the 2016 series that lasted just one season, in a starring role as District Attorney Conner Wallace. Following appearances on Hawaii Five-0 and L.A.'s Finest, Cahill starred in a three-episode arc on NCIS: New Orleans playing a deranged cult leader who takes Pride (Scott Bakula) hostage in the Season 6 finale.

He also appeared in the 2020 short film Sextpert Advice as the titular sexpert, offering advice to a nervous young man in search of a hookup. In his most recent role, Cahill appeared on Fantasy Island as Jake/James, the ex-fiancé of the island's owner, Elena Roarke (Roselyn Sanchez).

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He appeared with Anna Chlumsky in an ill-fated play.

Eddie Cahill in 2016
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While still on CSI:NY, Cahill hit the stage in 2012 in 3C, a dark satire based on the 1970s hit comedy Three's Company. Cahill played Terry, a sleazy, jumpsuit-wearing disco fan based on the series' Larry, opposite My Girl and Veep star Anna Chlumsky's Chrissy-esque Connie.

"I think Terry is a sexist pig, no doubt," Cahill told Broadway World of his character. "I try not to make him a monster. He's just a product of the times."

3C ran for two months off-Broadway but was forced to shut down after Three's Company's creators claimed copyright infringement. Playwright David Adjmi was unable to produce or publish the play again until 2014, when a law firm took the case on pro bono and successfully argued in court that it qualified as parody, and fell within the realm of fair use.

He's a married dad.

Cahill dated girlfriend Nikki Uberti through the mid-2000s, revealing in 2006 that he had gotten her name tattooed on his shoulder. A former model, makeup artist, and artist, Uberti was then most known for her previous marriage to Terry Richardson, the fashion photographer accused by several women of sexual misconduct. She and Richardson divorced in 1999, she later made a short film depicting the events of their marriage with stuffed and real animals.

Cahill and Uberti married on July 12, 2009 and appear to enjoy a much less tumultuous relationship. Together they have a son, Henry, born in 2010, and reside in Los Angeles' Silver Lake neighborhood.

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